Catherine Calarco : Growing Nations Economies and Increasing Longevity Through Biofeedback.

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Not only does Catherine have some amazing insights on biofeedback and optimizing your health, but she is also an entrepreneur and has a wealth of experience that she shares with us. Not only has she helped shape the New Zealand economy as an expert brought in to help growth, but she’s also a coach and speaker at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT Entrepreneurship Center.

If you don’t stop and focus on your health or take time for yourself - you’re doing a disservice for you and your business. Most people just keep “doing” however that doesn’t always give you the best solution or get you to the goal line.

The world needs entrepreneurs who are STRONG & HEALTHY

Catherine shares what HeartMath is all about - and why it’s so important for entrepreneurs to focus on their health and noticing what’s going on with their body. When you holistically address your health it completely affects both your personal and professional life.

Get Practical Experience

Catherine walks us through an awesome experience that you can do along with the show, going through an exercise that helps you to work on your heart rate variability.

We discuss the research and the science of why this is vital for your health and longevity.


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