Ilan and Guy Ferdman : Reaching 100 million people by 2020

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Ilan and Guy Ferdman have a lot of amazing wisdom to share on value creation, personal development, and online marketing in this fantastic episode of the Superhuman Entrepreneur.

Ilan and Guy have a massive vision for their company Satori Prime and share what they’ve learned about entrepreneurs who have achieved the highest level of success.

Currently, they work with entrepreneurs helping them through personal development and teaching them how to build highly successful businesses around their passions.


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Struggling with your website’s user experience? Make sure to check out Satori Prime’s website as it has a really great feel that Guy has built himself.

We talk about the mindset they have in their marketing and what it means to really stay true to yourself.

Be confident in the value you can deliver!

Ilan and Guy also talk about the way they run their online business with some very practical applications you can use for your business. It’s a great model to look at as an example.

The key today is to build relationships.

Ilan and Guy share with us their 90-day video challenge. The reason they suggest it and how you should be using videos in your business.


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