Andy Murphy : Applying NLP Tactics to Find Your Unfair Competitive Advantage

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Andy Murphy is a leading expert on NLP and shares with us how to apply it to our lives to “show up” how you want to in any situation you might deal with.

Andy is a leading expert at NLP and applying it to sales. He talks about how it helped him become one of leading sales experts in Australia and New Zealand. And then what happened after his business partner left him and took money - leaving Andy broke and living at a friends house. (it’s amazing how many high performers have an experience like this)

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy

The Importance of STATES

Andy shares examples of how your state can have such an important role in your life and how he applied it to high-level MMA competitors in LA, producing some amazing results.

You can step into whatever version of you - you want to when you need to.

Make sure to listen in on how you can start using anchoring as a specific tactic for changing states and stepping into “how you want to show up”. It has value in your performance and your overall brain health.

Create an atmosphere of Excellence


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