7 Benefits of Meditation Every Entrepreneur Needs w/ Light Watkins

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Today’s guest moved from New York to Los Angeles at the age of 29, Light wasn’t sure where life was heading so he got involved in a few yoga classes, started a few things with some friends and immersed himself into what LA had to offer with so many different belief systems within it.

Light initially had a hard time with Meditation created a love hate relationship with it. It wasn’t until he met with a teacher of mediation that his awareness to the new possibilities and that there was structure around meditation it revolutionized Light’s life.

Learn how to meditate, how taking time out for yourself will benefit your mind, body and help relieve stress. Also why starting a new habit is just as difficult as breaking your current habits.

How Meditation Is Beneficial for Your Mind & Body

  1. Move meditation out of the chore category and move it into the ‘fun’ category.(things that you look forward to like chocolate or a nap.)
  2. 99% of the benefits will happen during meditation if you are simply relaxed.
  3. Brings confidence to your internal beliefs on things you should take action on.
  4. Be prepared for your day or whatever is ahead of you by taking time for yourself.
  5. It makes you more available to help other people.
  6. Meditation helps you become more in tune with what your body needs. Take time to see and hear what it is saying to you.
  7. Helps relieve stress from your body and mind.

Being present in the moment is an internal practice

Basic Principles of Meditation

You don’t have to look like your are meditating to meditate. Sit in a way that is comfortable for you.

Don’t focus or concentration - you want to get ‘lost’ in the experience. Having an experience of leaving the awareness that you are meditating. Time lapses/Gaps in between thoughts/Disorientated feeling/

In those levels of mediation that is when your mind and body are pulling out those areas of stress within your mind and body.

Embracing all of the sounds, thoughts and everything that you are experiencing while you meditate.

Being inside minimizes the potential of distractions when being outside or in an unknown environment.

Don’t be afraid of how powerful you can be

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