Ian Clark: Overcoming Fatal Diagnosis With Simple Lifestyle Changes

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Facing extreme health challenges at 46 Ian didn’t accept the diagnosis his doctors gave him: take a certain amount of meds, go through several surgeries and begin planning your funeral which is two years out.

With that in mind he went on a journey to finding how he could heal his body rather than let it continue to deteriorate.


5 SIMPLE Action Steps

  1. Get enough Rest - Take a nap at some point during your day
  2. Manage your Stress Levels - Don’t make important business decisions or take meetings while under stress. Change your mindset
  3. Hydrate with Water - Drink a full liter of water right when you wake up in the morning
  4. Eat Cleaner - Eat very little if at all until noon
  5. Detox - Have a regular supplement routine

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Start Your Day like Ian Does

First thing in the morning half a liter of water in a blender (low so you don’t kill all the nutrients) ocean’s alive oil, spirulina, certain collagen products, an herbal blend, chaga tea, original nutrition that his brain can register simply.

Larger organic meal towards the evening.

Relieve Stress:
Lay on your back and put your legs up onto a chair or couch and your brain can be trained to stop being in sympathetic stress mode as your blood will go back to your brain rather than staying in your legs and arms.

Simply doing this everyday for 2 weeks at 30 mins a day has been proven to entrain your brain stopping the sympathetic stress lock.

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