CJ Snyder - Secrets Of Beauty Products and How They Can Affect Your Health

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Our guest today is Carrington “CJ” Snyder, an established entrepreneur in cosmetics products in the United States of America. She is the co-founder of the award-winning skincare company Kayo Better Body Care and also doubles as an established attorney.

Today We Learn:

  • About her family’s business (cosmetics by the way) and their support for her when becoming a successful lawyer.
  • Compliancy issues and how to get customers/consumers to pick the right ingredients or products.
  • An area of cosmetics that should be paid attention to as regards toxins and foods to eat that are good for the skin and keeps the body healthy.
  • Tools that made her an established entrepreneur that allowed her to stay on top her game.
  • Her advice to listeners

CJ, her mom and brother were pioneers in the cosmetic industry. Her mom established her own cosmetic lab early 20 plus years ago, and her brother joined her some ten years later. So it’s been a cosmetic family for a very long time. Even though she first set out to be an attorney at first, she still found a way to make a left turn to the family business which was right for her.

Not all products that claimed to be natural are natural, and some of them are harmful. Cosmetic and beauty products should be carefully selected, this is not limited to women alone, but men as.

Always look at the ingredient of products that some companies uses. Entrepreneurs to be specific about compliances, by being specific about the ingredients they use. Words like ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ should be well specified. Not all products that producers claimed to be natural were actually made from natural products. Also the word ‘Organic’ is not what people thought it was. People confuse organic with ‘natural’, but NO! Organic is not natural, it can be synthetic, and some of them might be dangerous.

CJ’s Recommendation For Buying Skin Care Products

  • Check the product’s ingredient
  • Make sure the most of the ingredients are natural
  • Buy products that can be easily checked
  • Producers confuses consumers with the word ‘natural’ Beware!
  • Buy products from companies that tells exactly the ingredients in their products (not those with generic names)
  • Check unknown product ingredients on the internet
  • Always do some research

How to Pick the Right Products for You

Some customers are confused and don’t know what to look for when picking ingredients/products, and on the other hand, some customers are so smart and know exactly what they want without finding it, and this causes compliancy issues.
Compliancy here doesn’t have a fixed definition but what we do here to help out is to be specific about what the ingredients/products does, and show clearly what they are made of.

This helps our customers decide if a particular product is right for them and we ensure they understand the products by putting names (for example coconut) customers can relate to when seen on products instead of the actual names which are sometimes crazy and all the more confusing.

You can also check up environmental groups websites as they have a database of additives & cosmetic products that you can look up quickly and decide what’s good for you or not. “It’s really important to do your own research”.

CJ’s Recommendation to be a Top Performer:

  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Don’t do drugs
  • Get a good sleep and a good night rest
  • Focus
  • Live a very clean life
  • Get a workout in, in the morning

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