Technology To Super Bio-Hack Your Sleep!

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This article makes up Part 3 of our Sleep Hacks information series. Didn’t catch Part 1 & 2? Check them out here. Getting better quality and quantity of sleep can really transform your life!

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Technology & Body Hacks for Deep Rejuvenating Sleeps

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Want some awesome technology hacks that I use to get awesome rejuvenating sleep? These are on the cutting edge of hacking your sleep so you can get better quality sleep even if you cant get the quantity any higher.

Heart Rate Variability


Stress is one of the most common causes of not being able to fall asleep. It also has some really significant effects on your body and makes you much more susceptible to disease. On the other side being able to handle stress better and being a happier person can obviously lead to being able to fall asleep easier and getting better quality sleep. So how can you use technology to hack your stress levels and get better sleep?

The HeartMath stress management system uses the interactions between the heart and the brain to hack your stress levels. It trains you to optimise your heartbeat to levels that are normally only possible through specific meditation techniques.

Find out more in my podcast interview here! It can seriously change your life!

MyoFascial Release

Athletic young woman is holding a foam roller for exercise

MyoFascial release is super easy to do at home before you go to bed and has so many benefits for you body as well as helping you get to sleep. Check out my interview with Dan Go here where we go into this in more detail!

Myofascial release involves using a tennis or lacrosse ball (or something simular) or a foam roller to work into trigger points in your fascia (the fibers surrounding your muscles). This works to melt your muscle aches and pains and helps to get your body ready for sleep. It also helps to improve circulation, reduces pressure on nerves and helps to align the body back to a healthy functional posture. This technique is especially beneficial for those of you who spend large amounts of your day sitting at a computer as this type of work often causes tightness in the legs, glutes & back.

Bio Mat for Deep Relaxation & Earthing Effects


Walking barefoot on the ground outdoors not only feels good but actually has some pretty interesting health benefits. Research is showing that electrons from the earth actually have antioxidant effects on your body. Find out more HERE. But we don’t all have time to head outside before bed each day and so if you want all the detoxifying benefits of earthing within the comfort of your house then try using the Bio Mat. Find out More HERE.

I use this mat 2-3 times per week before going to bed while reading in low blue light. I learned about this from some clients of mine that studied this for years in Calgary, Canadaand can totally vouch for the benefits!



Muse is a slim and fashionable headband that allows you to train your attention and focus and measure your progress. The main goal of the Muse program is to help users build states of focused attention. Through the feedback given from the headband and software, you are able to learn exactly what behavior can lead you to that place of maximized productivity. Just three minutes of Muse training a day can yield vast improvements in performance. Check out more in my interview with Muse founder Ariel Garten

Useful Apps

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There are a bunch of great apps out there that can help you hack your sleep! Here are some of my favourites:

  • Sleepcycle – find out HERE why I like to use this one to track my sleep
  • Calm – helps you relax and focus on your breathing for a length of time of your choice
  • Mindfulness Meditation – the super easy way to learn mindfulness meditation
  • Mind Body Connect – helps you to find the closet yoga or meditation class in your area and book through the app too!
  • Yoga Studio - over 65 yoga and meditation classes all sorted by level and focus
  • Pocket Yoga - a yoga app that syncs with your heart rate monitor

Want to learn more body hacks for busy people that can help you burn fat, increase energy & skyrocket your productivity? We have put together a super easy resource for you to get all our best strategies so you can maximise your health and performance!

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