Superhuman Digestion: 5 hacks to getting 5X the amount of nutrition from your meals while traveling.

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We all know the old saying “you are what you eat”

Well you’ve been lied to!

Not to worry mom’s age old saying still has some weight but new research on gut health and nutritional absorption is now saying, “you are what you digest”. Simply put, if your body can’t absorb it properly then you’re not getting the benefits.

1. Overrated Probiotics

Probiotic supplements are trending like crazy in our culture but did you know your body was never meant to consume the same probiotic culture day in and day out?

Our hunter gatherer ancestors got their daily dose of probiotics from fermented foods not a capsule. That food was constantly changing from availability and access; because of this they were able to keep variety of flora in the gut which makes for a superhuman digestive tract! Ideally it’s best to ferment your own vegetables at home, which is easier than you think. Check out our article on Fermented Foods HERE to find out why they are so awesome and how to make your own!

When traveling there is one thing you can do to maximize your digestion and absorption. Keep 2 kinds of probiotic on hand and change them up each day.

Greek yogurt is also an easily accessible probiotic and is an excellent source of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles which are the basic cultures used to make most yogurts. Always go with plain yogurt since sugar and artificial sweeteners hinder gut absorption and cause inflammation leading to crashes in energy, decreased mental focus, not to mention countless hormone and weight issues.

2. Tea is the Key

Hot water is an excellent way to build a titanium gut. Many cultures incorporate warm tea into their diets before meals to kick start optimum absorption.

I bring ginger tea on trips and consume a cup before dinner meals. You can also get ginger tea, chamomile or cinnamon tea to bring along with you. Most hotels will have these types on hand.

By prepping your gut like this you are actually boosting your immune system as well.

Over 35% of most colds are contracted while traveling so drink up!

3. Chew Gum

Chewing gum has been shown to not only decrease food cravings but also proves to prepare the gut for absorption of nutrients. The process of chewing (mastication) increases saliva and prepares the body for breaking down nutrients. This allows for faster absorption time in the gut and speedier break down of nutrients.

Remember sugar-free is worse than sugar because of aspartame and other harmful false sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners and sugar are anti-nutrients and therefore hinder flora growth in the gut. Choose stevia or xylitol sweetened gum, your teeth and gut will thank you. (Stevita, SteviaDent is one of the cleanest that I’ve found).

4. Abs of Steel!

We love killing 2 birds with 1 stone – the more the better right!?

Well here’s one way to not only shred those abs but also monopolize on your gut health. 10 minutes of ab exercise in the morning can quadruple gut absorption effectiveness. By working your obliques and rectus abdominus a minimum of 10 minutes your gut responds by increasing fluidity in the bowel and therefore helping the body to detox and push bile through the colon.

Two simple exercises are A.) the crunch and B.) oblique twists. With the crunch remember to never lift with your head but rather lead with your chest. Pick a spot on the ceiling above you and concentrate your gaze on that one spot without looking away. This will help optimize your results and avoid injury.


5. The Mighty Herb

Three herbs have been known to give results leagues above the rest when it comes to preparing and maintaining gut health. Herbs are by far in the top 3 categories for gut health simply because they are so easily recognized and utilized by the body.

Essential oils are the number way to get the healing benefits of an herb in a significantly less amount of time. I’ll preface this statement by saying all oils are NOT created equal. It’s extremely important to look for 100% pure and organic oils. If the bottle has expiration on it then it’s not 100% pure and should be avoided.

Peppermint, lemongrass and frankincense are quite possibly the most powerful oils for digestive health. Consuming 2 drops of frankincense in warm tea is extremely helpful in detoxing the gut and has been proven to have gut reviving properties. Rubbing peppermint around the abdomen has a relaxing effect on the colon (especially the transverse colon, this area is often times involved with digestive problems). This technique has been used for centuries among cultures with the healthiest guts in the world according to renowned researcher Weston A. Price.



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