Robb Wolf - Top Paleo Diet Celebrity Gives Top Solutions For Eating Out On The Go

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New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Solution talks with us about not only the paleo diet but also resources for high performance, the #1 cause of gut dysfunction, and the importance of your daily habits for preventing disease triggers.

Through his mother’s health issues Robb was introduced to this relatively new concept of the paleo diet back in 1997. He also opened the 3rd and 4th crossfit affiliates in the country, believing the concept that a good gym and healthy atmosphere is primary to your health care.

Robb shares how he plans ahead for the paleo lifestyle balancing two kids, running businesses, and traveling. An essential tool… A crock pot.

Spend a lot of time in airports traveling?

Robb shares some AMAZING productivity hacks for entrepreneurs and executives that spend most of their time traveling. What you should be doing while waiting at airports, when to focus on creative work vs managing the day to day and some really practical frameworks to plan your travel within.

And food while traveling? Choose the cheese and fruit plate from Starbucks over the scone. Robb shares how to make better choices, that although aren’t perfect when on the road traveling will help you to improve your performance and feel better.

Grains, legumes, dairy (and maybe even eggs) are some of the biggest issues that people face with gut health. When the gut is irritated it registers as stress in the body and food is one of the primary causes of gut problems, but also one of the biggest things we can control.

The biggest ROI in your diet is most likely removing gluten from your diet

Did you know your microbes outnumber your own cells by 2 - 1. Your microbiome is one of the most important aspects of your body and Robb shares some in depth strategies about what you can do to control your’s (and what microbiome even means).

For the majority of people, switching to less processed foods and getting started with different fibers will greatly help your gut health.

We wrap up talking about sleep. And the INSANE importance it has in health. Sleep deprivation is the one issue that can break people no matter how superhuman you are. Guard your sleep!

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