Book Review of Tribes by Seth Godin to Help You Improve Your Tribe

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What you can do to build your own tribe.

One of the most important aspects of creating a tribe is to create value for those engaging with your content. Build your tribe through adding value and generosity.

Pull Marketing vs Push Marketing
Pull people toward what you want people to do instead of pushing them toward it.

Anatomy of a movement -  Every movement has to have a narrative that tells a story about who the tribe is and the future it’s trying to build. You have to make sure you have a strong connection as the leader to the tribe, communicating the goals and letting people know what needs to be done.

Two Important Aspects of Building Your Tribe

You want to transform the shared interest of the tribe into a desire for change. Make sure you’ve created a clear vision. Visioneering something that is powerful for everyone to congregate around.

Give the tribe tools so members can tighten their communication. This is an essential part of creating a movement. Enable people to connect with others so they have enough influence to bring others into the tribe. Start telling people you want your message to be spread.  (It will help you to grow exponentially.)

The fewer the limits the better.

Most tribes are structured and rigid in the way they create rules. When you create a tribe have more freedom for people to create and innovate.

People will only spread a message that is remarkable. What are you doing to not just be good. But to be great.

How do you tighten your tribe you have in existence? Connect your tribe together. Bring people together for greater things. One of the best ways to create connection. Sprinkle on top technology - blogs, social technologies, mobile platforms. That’s a very powerful strategy to use to create an ongoing movement in the tribe.

You have to have elements of curiosity. Keep people interested by holding onto curiosity. Think about what you’re going to do next as a Tribe leader.

2 Critical Factors.
#1 - Individuals have more powerful than ever before
#2 - Your inability to change the world is a lack of faith.

We can’t live without faith. The most brilliant minds are people that create their own religions. Steve Jobs created the religion of Apple. Creating rules and structures that people live by in the tribe.

As a tribe leader you need to initiate movements.

Publish a manifesto. Make it easy for people to share it. It doesn’t need to be written. Create a mantra. Publish something that get’s your concepts and ideas out there.

Make it easy for followers to connect with one another. Utilize private Facebook groups and other technologies to do this.

Enable your tribe to have:

  • Transparency / Authenticity
  • Something Bigger than Yourself
  • Personal growth and development
  • Movements are made more clear when compared to status quo.
  • Exclude people so you create more loyalty.
  • Never tear down others. Reward behavior you want to see.

Compassion is the key emotion that drives progress forward.


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