Natalie Ledwell - Visualizing the Future You Want

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Natalie Ledwell is an author, speaker, and the co-founder of Mind Movies, a company that has helped over 2 million people create their own video vision boards. We chat with her about the incredible story behind her success and Natalie also shares some really great tips and exercises to help you prepare to create your own mind movie!

Natalie stresses the importance of aligning your thoughts with what you really want in life.

Mind Movies

Less than 10 years ago Natalie and her husband were struggling financially with six figures of credit card debt, but that all changed after watching a movie called The Secret. Natalie realized that she didn’t necessarily need to know each step in the path to her goals - all she needed was to think about what her future looked like.

This concept of visualizing the future is what led her and her husband to create Mind Movies, a company dedicated to helping others realize their dreams by creating their own moving, dynamic vision boards. With the help of marketing expert Frank Kern, Mind Movies achieved $100,000 in sales in the first hour of its launch, and $700,000 by the end of the first week.

Creating a Mind Movie

Before you create your mind movie you need to shift your focus to what you really want and articulate this using affirmations.

5 Types of Affirmation
This is my goal
This is what it’s going to look like once it happens
This is why I’m doing it
These are the actions I need to take
These are the thoughts I need to be thinking to be alignment with this.

What you are aiming to do is change your thoughts, because most of our default thoughts are not our own. From 2 and 6 we are in a theta brainwave state that allows us to absorb everything around us. The things we are told during this stage of life create very strong neural pathways in our brains and affects our thoughts and actions as adults.

Mind movies allow you to put yourself in the picture of what you want to create and FEEL THE EMOTION of already being there.

Your brain will start to think that this is your new reality and create new thoughts and new neural pathways that will help to reshape your future. These new pathways become your new default thoughts and these thoughts will impact your actions. When your thoughts and actions are in alignment, you get into the zone and you will start to notice great opportunities and other things that will help you create the future you want.

Creating Mind Movies for Your Teams
Using mind movies is extremely powerful when applied to a team. Turn your mission statement into a mind movie and have team members contributes. It will bring your team closer together and help get them into a flow state.


  • An exercise called centering can be used to calm your energy down, making it easier for you to think and attract solutions to your challenges.
  • Take a break from what you’re currently doing.
  • Put your hand on your heart.
  • Take 3 slow breaths.
  • Visualize a bright light coming out of the center of your body (the point right behind your belly button) and drop into that calm centered moment.
  • When you are in lower vibrational state (e.g. frustration) it is harder to focus on solutions to your challenges. Once you get into a higher vibrational state it is easier to see and attract solutions.

Getting in Flow

You have to have the right vibration to be able to attract want you want in life. This requires you to achieve a higher vibrational state, also known as Flow. The fastest way to get into this vibrational state is through gratitude.

Instead of dwelling on things that go wrong, focus on what has gone RIGHT and start gratitude journaling. Write down five new things you are grateful for every day.

Once you’ve reached a state of gratitude and high vibration, you are ready to start creating your vision and your mind movie. When you’re in Flow anything can happen!

Dr. Jones’ Takeaways

  • State of Excellence - Achieved through gratitude journaling. Check out my interview with Alex Ikonn here, the founder of the 5 Minute Journal.
  • Visioneering Lifestyle - You shouldn’t just write a goal or vision down. As entrepreneurs, we need to be thinking about your vision and end goals regularly to accomplish them and access flow easier.
  • Flow State Momentum - In order to get into and stay in a Flow state, you have to do what makes your heart sing, and you need to feel like you’re “winning”. Focusing on gratitude and all of the “little wins” will help you stay in flow and surround yourself with more people.

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