Ava Diamond: Accessing Higher Levels of Performance through Mental Fitness

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Ava Diamond is a mental fitness coach with over 20 years of experience. Faced with personal challenges in her late 30s, she underwent a physical transformation that led her on a path to personal empowerment. Ava is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mental fitness and she shares with us exercises she uses with her clients to overcome trauma, set goals, and stay on the course for success.

After having three children in four years, Ava turned to the gym to rediscover herself. At 47 years old she entered her first competitive bodybuilding show and won. Looking back, Ava says “The prize is in the process.”

Achieving Mental Fitness

Mental fitness blends psychotherapy with strategies to overcome challenges and traumas en route to becoming your authentic self, allowing you to live in concert with your true values, passion, and interests.

The Effect of Trauma on the Brain
When people experience trauma (big or small), it gets stored in the right side of the brain where there is no time or language sequencing. As a result, if trauma is not dealt with in an appropriate way, it will remain an underlying influence in how you see the world and how you make your choices in your life.

When you resolve trauma, you actually create better brain health that allows you to put the events of the trauma into perspective so that you can reinvent how you perceive the world in a healthier way and function on a higher level.

Treating Trauma
Holding onto a negative thought and focusing on it kills brain cells. Instead of fixating on the negative thoughts, neutralize them with facts and switch your language to look at the opportunities in your challenges – this will exercise the logical, problem-solving, side of your brain.

Ava’s Exercise for Overcoming Challenges

1. Ask yourself: What is the challenge? What is the opportunity in that challenge?
2. Tap into your inner resources: What is it about me that I can use to master this part of my life?
3. Tap into your outer resources – Who do I know that can help me to handle the issue? What do I know that can help me to handle the issue?
4. Take a look at what you’ve written down and start formulating a plan for success.

Two C’s of Success

  • Clarity: Ask yourself who you are and what you want to make happen in your life.
  • Conviction: Remind yourself every day of your personal mission statement.

Personal Mission Statement
One to three lines that are your guiding principle for how you are going to make your choices each day – this is a statement that you should intend to keep and follow for the long term.

Flexible Discipline

People often find it difficult to follow through with their goals because they are too strict with them. As long as you plan ahead, you can deviate from your path when circumstances in your life require you to do so.

Using Linguistic Relativism to Start Heading in the Right Direction

The concept of linguistic relativism dates back to the 1930s and relates to how words shape our perceptions. To start on the path to mental fitness, try the following exercise.

  • Make a list of the top 20 words that you would use to describe yourself.
  • Circle the words that were used by other people to describe you.
  • Put a star by the words that apply today.
  • This exercise uncovers the words that linger from your past and still influences you in your everyday life.


As Ava wisely states, “When you think about how powerful our words are, we’re often reckless with them.”


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