Jordan Gray: 2 Steps To Harness Sexual Energy To Quadruple Productivity & Creativity

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Jordan Gray is an outstanding relationship expert. He’s a #1 Amazon best-selling author who specializes in helping high performing entrepreneurs and executives optimize and create better relationships. (and yes… the power of sex)

There are two main problems entrepreneurs face.

Single guys: Some (most) think they need to wait till they’re almost PERFECT before they start to look for a relationship / dating. Jordan shares why that’s simply not a good way to approach things.


Guys in relationships / married: The work / wife balance. The time you put into your relationship will increase your business and work life (it might not make sense now but try it out)

Jordan share’s one of the most important steps he takes with his coaching clients to make sure they really nail their work / wife balance. You can’t just expect that hanging out “at night” will be enough… When you take something for granted you’re not going to make it a priority.


Do you schedule (and put on your calendar) consistent date nights? Sound a little strange maybe… Jordan explains why it shouldn’t be, and how important it is for your relationship (and back to earlier - how it’s a business hack)

Along with this we talk about the power of sexual energy. How important it is for us as human beings, but also how and why we need to understand it so that it can be channeled. Going through a time of intense creativity or production? Jordan finds that by limiting ejaculating and channeling that energy can lead to greater levels of drive toward where you’re channeling it

Quick example: Jordan wrote, edited, and marketed 3 books while not ejaculating for 60 days (but still was sexually active)

If you want the best practices Jordan runs through those starting around 37 minutes. He shares these for both men and the secrets to women reaching orgasm (surrender, emotional connection etc.)

Here are the Jordan’s top 3 actions steps:

#1 - Weekly CEO meetings

#2 - 3 Hour Sex Meeting

#3 - Date Night

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