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Ari Meisel has a crazy story that has led him to radically change his life. After being diagnosed with Chrohn’s disease he went on a journey to change his lifestyle and health, so he could get off medication and life a healthy life.

We dive into the importance of tracking.

If you’re not tracking your health and performance you can’t improve and make a statistical difference. Ari talks about tracking sleep, effectiveness, and engineering a plan to improve sleep effectiveness.

We cover a bunch of great apps and tools for tracking. Make sure to scroll down to the links section so you can become a productivity expert as well.


Ari recommends everyone should have a virtual assistant.  And he shares some reasons I haven’t heard before. It’s a cool look at how you can take a lot of stress by setting up a “human autoresponder”.

If you don’t understand how you do things - you’re not going to be able to outsource the tasks someone else should be taking care of. We talk about the opportunity cost of little tasks that we all do on a daily basis. If we took the time to outsource them the ability to stay in flow for longer sustained periods of time would be MASSIVE.

Choose your own work week. 95% of the tasks that you do could be done by someone else and outsourced. Ari suggests asking yourself what are the 5% of tasks you can do better than anyone else?

This might sound strange to you but Ari LOVES email. He shares his specific strategies for changing your paradigm and creating an inbox that is incredibly productive.


Make sure to check out…

Ari’s awesome website, blog, and podcast -

Beddit is the app Ari uses for tracking sleep -

The watch Ari uses to track physical movements -

Ari uses Rescue Time to track his time working on the computer -

The email system Ari mentions that asks at 6:00 what he achieved that day -

For virtual assistants Ari recommends Fancy Hands -

Ari’s #1 productivity tool… ever -

The snack bar Ari recommends -

The company Ari mentions for purchasing suits -

Outsourcing marketingplace -

The website people do things for $5 - Fiverr

On demand 3d printing -

Public facing appointment page that Ari recommends -


Ari Meisel, is a serial entrepreneur who has worked on everything from web design projects to real estate development

Several years ago, he was diagnosed with an incurable and very painful chronic condition called Crohn’s disease. He has developed a system of productivity to help him overcome the disease. He’s called this movement “Less Doing”

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