Jesse Elder: Multi-Millionaire Coach & Action Philosopher Uncovers How To Get An Unfair Competitive Advantage Through The Use of Spirituality AS The Ultimate Weapon.

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Jesse Elder is a multi-millionaire coach and action philosopher who has helped people of all walks of life maximize their personal and business performance and gain that unfair competitive advantage.

Bonus: Download the PDF transcription of this episode to get all of Jesse’s advice.


If you’ve ever felt like you have “made it” or you’re nearly there yet you still feel empty… Jesse specialize in helping people like you find purpose and turn that into a happy and fulfilled life. Through his story and his clients he shares the principles he’s learned.

We fully dive into talking about consciousness and what it means for you… How do you make sure you don’t fall into the same patterns?  Jesse shares a great practical application of this and the two types of attention that can influence you.


How do you feel about spirituality?
Potentially a touchy subject?

Jesse has a unique view point and we talk about the real impact it can have on your life. It’s a real conversation about something that affects us all.


Make sure to check out…

Jesse’s website and mind vitamin videos

We mention Ben Greenfield. You can listen to him on the Superhuman Entrepreneur here.
Jesse Elder is a coach and mentor who works with elite clientele while also providing insights with his series of Mind Vitamin videos.

Jesse has background in MMA both as a fighter and a teacher. He previously owned and operated a 7 schools which he sold before going into coaching.

“I quickly realized that being a good fighter, being a good teacher and being a good businessman were three TOTALLY different things. I made the classic mistake of thinking that just because I could fight, and because I loved to teach, that people would come flocking to my door.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! I figured out in the first few weeks that if I didn’t learn how to tell people what I was doing – and prove to them that what I had would change their lives for the better – that I’d go out of business.”

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