Inspire Yourself! Overcome Any Adversity & Transform Your Health with a Team USA Gold Medalist (Plus Free Detox Program)

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Our guest today is Tanner Gers, a US Paralympic athlete and founder of Tanners Gers is an inspiration and his story will help you get perspective on your life and recognize that you can do whatever you put your mind to in any challenging situation you face. This is an interview you’ll want to listen to more than once!

Decide to Live Differently

At age 21 Tanner was in a terrible car accident that left him blind and fighting a brain infection. Struggling to recover, his father reminded him that his situation could always be worse. That pep talk from his father gave Tanner perspective and was a turning point for him.

To help him recover Tanner’s mom guided him through meditations where they visualized removing the infection and focused on believing that things are going to get better and constantly having a positive attitude. Shortly afterwards, he received results from doctors that his brain was healthy. Within months he transitioned into learning how to live independently as a blind man, moved out, and began studying full-time at the University of Arizona.

Tanner was athletic before his accident and jumped at an opportunity to join a blind baseball team. It allowed him to physically express himself on an even playing field and eventually opened up an opportunity to pursue athletics at a Paralympic level. He began training with Arizona Disabled Sports and qualified for the National Championships where he made the national team. At his third track meet, Tanner won an international gold medal in the long jump.

Taking Your Performance to the Next Level

If you’re wanting superhuman performance, you need to be focus on and master the basics.

  • Hydration - Make sure that you’re consuming the right minerals, electrolytes, and water to ensure optimal performance.
  • Sleep - Our body’s need time to heal.
  • Whole Foods - Consume as many raw and whole foods as possible.
  • Cut out sugars

Final Thoughts

  • “Make plans like an adult, and believe in them like a child.” - Jim Rohn.
  • Give gratitude for everything you have. Be grateful for the shelter over your head, be grateful for this moment, and for your family.
  • Point to the person in the mirror and tell yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to!

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