Kelly Roach: Step Up Your Game and Make a Breakthrough in Your Business

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Our guest Kelly Roach is a highly success business coach with Fortune 500 experience. Kelly learned from a young age that if she wanted something, she needed to earn it. She took skills she learned as a cocktail waitress into the business world and ended up managing 70 people while still in her 20s. In today’s podcast Kelly shares with us:

  • Tips for eliminating time-wasting activities in your business
  • Steps for increasing business and reducing working hours
  • How to access free reports on increasing productivity and staying focused

Take Control of Your Business

Two Big Lessons from Fortune 500 Companies

  • The importance of your ability to get results through others - Entrepreneurs have good hearts and intentions but they don’t realize that they are their own bottle neck. Hire out your weakness and time wasters.
  • Focus on delivering a bottom line result (e.g. sales) - The most important skill set is to learn how to transfer inspiration. Selling is a learned skill, but it’s one of the biggest things that entrepreneurs avoid.

Today people confuse sales and marketing. Traditional sales is what converts leads into paying clients - you have to get yourself in the game. When someone doesn’t respond or isn’t engaging with you, “no” just means “not yet”. Don’t give up on leads easily. A lack of response does not equate to a lack of interest.

Text “automatereport” to 44222 to identify what you need to focus on and what you need to outsource or delegate.

Have a Breakthrough with Your Business

  • Identify Profit Producers: Where are your profit producing streams in your business?
  • Identify Time Wasters: Rank the most important things to do in your business.
  • Uncover Delegation List: Create a list of the things that you will delegate.
    • Increase Growth and Reduce Working Hours

      • Look at your pricing strategy
      • Develop packages that yield ongoing revenue
      • Have a focus on marketing ROI

      Eliminating Time Wasting Activities

      Simple is always best. Your mind can’t wrap itself around more than three focus areas at one time. Work on those three areas the moment you wake up until you make significant progress before moving onto anything else. Eliminate distractions and you can make progress on profit making activities.

      When you wake up in the morning and you get things done, it feels good and allows you to be more flexible throughout the rest of the day.

      High Performance Hacks

      • Basecamp - Helps manage team and saves emails. You can prioritize and mark deadlines and tasks.
      • Edgar - For social media automation
      • Facebook marketing for lead generation, followed by live conservations to connect with leads.

      Conversion rates go up dramatically
      Set up a vetting phone call to connect with ideal leads.
      Landing Page>Purchase Consultation>Go to thank you page>Schedule access and forms>
      1% conversion rate

      Taught team to be real with people. To grow your business it’s an investment IN your business to get it to the next level. Eliminate the people that make it to her desk that can’t make the investment into her. People who are ideal are all in the situation to get to the next level.

      For Kelly she realized that she didn’t have the money, but you double down, and INVEST into yourself. Focus on the long-term ROI. TO get to the next level you need to realize that you change into the person you need to be to get the result that you want.

      5 of Kelly’s “No Matter Whats”

      Health and wellness are the center of life because without them everything that we work for will go to waste.

      • Gratitude Meditation - Go through the things that you are grateful for.
      • Sleep - Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night is important. You need to give yourself an opportunity to rest in order to be your best.
      • Water - Drink water constantly.
      • Walk - At least 30min each day.
      • An occasional spa day

      Text “getitdone” to 44222 to access a report on becoming more productive in your business.

      Make sure to check out…

    • Basecamp
    • Edgar
    • Affiliate Disclosure

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