Dr. Daniel Stickler - Biohacking Your Way to Enhanced Human Performance

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Dr. Daniel was inspired when first going to medical school to help improve the body and reach new levels of potential. However he soon found he was fixing and prescribing solutions that only “delayed death” instead of actually fixing the problem.

That core issue lead him from a focus on surgery to helping people uncover their hidden potential being a wellness doctor (instead of a sick doctor).

Enhance the human existence rather than sick care.

Dr. Daniel Stickler acts as a guide for many people involved biohacking and optimizing their health. He shares some of the most exciting progress in the industry and what you should be aware of as you’re trying to improve your performance.

We talk about telomere length and what Dr. Daniel is doing in his own life as he focuses on longevity and trying to increase life expectancy. We also talk about our past interview with Dr. Bill Andrews and his recommended anti aging supplement list.


  • Vitamin D
  • Omega 3 Fatty acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Metformin
  • Probiotics
  • Endurance Exercise (that is actually enjoyable)


One of the most important aspects of improved productivity and performance is GREAT sleep. One aspect of that is having a cold environment to sleep in. Cold Thermogenesis happens to be a fantastic way to burn fat and opt

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About Dr. Daniel Stickler

Dr. Daniel Stickler is our Medical Director. He trained at the Cenegenics Institute in 2005 and worked as a Cenegenics affiliate physician for two years prior to opening the Physiologix Wellness Institute in Charleston, WV. He is a visionary pioneer at the leading edge of the new paradigm of health optimization.

Dr. Stickler trained in allopathic medicine and held board certification in General Surgery for more than ten years; performing general and vascular surgery as well as over 3,000 gastric bypass weight loss procedures. He had a thriving surgical practice and was a specialist in weight loss, treating over 10,000 clients in both the surgical practice and at the wellness institute. The busier he became the more he began to realize that true health is not a result of pharmaceuticals and stainless steel. He discovered that the clients at the wellness institute were making remarkable progress through nutrition, fitness and lifestyle counseling and hormone optimization. Not only were they resolving disease, they were optimizing health, regaining vitality, improving neuro-cognitive status and creating lasting changes.

This realization led him to the understanding that he could leave the old methods behind and fully embrace the new paradigm of health optimization. He retired from surgery and now knows that each individual has within them the ability to achieve optimal health and live a life full of vitality. He works closely with each client to develop individualized treatment regimens and provides extensive guidance throughout the year to assist the client in achieving their goals.

Dr. Stickler is an avid outdoor enthusiast who thrives on rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking and world adventure travel. He is a member of the Wilderness Medicine Society, Age Management Medicine Group and is CrossFit Level 1 certified and trained in Mountain Athlete. He and Mickra have five active teenage boys who live for adventure.

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