Tahani Aburaneh - From Refugee to Multi-Millionaire Through Real Estate Investments

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Tahani has overcome a lot in her life - starting off at a refugee camp in Jordan, married at 15, and moved across the world to Canada following the arranged marriage.

She started off as a realtor and quickly become highly successful, paying her house off in 4 years and owning 9 other houses. She now is a highly successful real estate developer in Canada and working with others to accomplish some of the same goals she has done in her life..

Control what’s around you rather than be controlled of what’s around you.

That’s why TV and media might be a good thing to SEPARATE yourself from. Do you really need cable in your house?

Tahani really embodies a lot of Superhuman Entrepreneur qualities that we’ve seen again and again:

  • Focused on learning and growth
  • Authenticity
  • Being true to your mission
  • Being focused on the one thing to continue to grow.
  • Sincerity

Tahani shares some crazy statistics about the disparity of income, wealth, between men and women and what she’s doing about it. This is an eye-opening conversation to hear.


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