Penny Zenker : Uncovers The 4 Elements to Getting Into Your Productivity Zone

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Penny has traveled the world, started and sold a multi-million dollar business, and a business coach with Tony Robbins who shares her productivity zone hacks with us today.

We start of this conversation talking about productivity and how vital it is to performing at your highest level. Penny talks about how it’s your environment that controls your distractions and the importance of tracking, so you can gain awareness.

It’s critical to optimize the time of day you’re at your peak performance.

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The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time

We cover the four key elements of getting into your productivity zone.

1 - Purpose
2 - Language / Communication
3 - Focus
4 - Physiology

Penny is also a mother of two children, while running her business and accomplishing so much. She shares how she does it all and the strategies she uses to achieve her goals.

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