Jameson Brandon : Get the 5 of the Top Mind & Body Strategies that High Performance Consultant Gives To His Executive Clients

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Jameson Brandon is a successful business owner who decided he wanted to really upgrade his life and find a better way. (Hustle is great but why not have a great lifestyle as well?)

We dive into what Jameson is doing (and how he’s thinking). This is a great conversation for any achiever that is looking to improve their body, mind, and lifestyle. He has spent a lot of time “hacking” his body and environment to help him perform at the highest level and he shares a lot of that information here.

You have to track the action

Visualization is an incredibly powerful action that you need to be taking. Jameson has an interesting look at the studies and research behind the results that visualization generates. We talk about an amazing example and how you can start practicing this TODAY!

Change your verbiage to change your results

Staying present is an extremely piece of this puzzle and Jameson has two tactics for doing this.

#1 - Breathing from your stomach (He has an awesome specific technique on how to do this - around the 32:00 mark)

#2 - Feel positive emotions - Joy, Love, Happiness - to trigger optimum levels of flow state.

It’s not about the amount of time you work… But the amount of time you work in flow state.

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