Neil Moore: Acquire The 3 Foundational Pillars To Creating Simplicity For Ultimate Business Success

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Neil was built a massive company around a passion and skill he developed from a young age. Learning and teaching music through shapes and patterns.

He took that amazing skill and turned it into a teaching program called Simply Music Institute of Learning & Education. The three pillars that he focuses on in his business are relationships, completions, and space.

Today we’re going to focus on SPACE.


There is a relationship between the things that we see and how they can potentially suck the life out of us. (that we’re not even aware of) Things talk to us and they never stop talking. The “things” in our life have such an impact that it leads to guilt and a continuous white noise that’s always there.

Develop Power Charged Environments - you have to start somewhere, so Neil recommends starting in the rooms that you do your BEST work in.

The power of great design and aesthetic has a massive impact in business and power. Neil mentions a really cool story about Steve Jobs and the Iphone that I hadn’t heard before that just goes to show the power of this.

When you turn your office, your home, your car into a power source. You will transform creativity, entrepreneurial power, and effectiveness in your business. It will change your life.


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Neil Moore is the Founder and Executive Director of the Simply Music Institute of Learning & Education. He is also the creator of the Simply Music Piano methodology.Neil was born in 1957 in Melbourne, Australia, and began studying piano at the age of 7. He has spent most of his life actively involved in ‘playing-based’ music learning. Neil composes and arranges much of the music used throughout the Simply Music Piano (and Accordion) program. In addition to curriculum development, Neil’s most extensive field of focus has been the training and coaching of piano teachers.Currently, Neil guides the direction of the organization, advises on its executive operations and is the international spokesperson for the Simply Music Institute of Learning and Education.

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