Michelle Gielan: The Impact of Positive Psychology on Happiness and Success

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Michelle Gielan is a former national CBS news anchor who grew tired of broadcasting negative stories. Here experiences led her to study positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania where she discovered the influence positive messages has on happiness and success.

Today she shares with us some valuable insight, including:

  • Steps you can take to start creating positive momentum in your life today.
  • Tips for dealing with negative people.
  • How to address challenges in a positive way.

Maintain a Positive Mindset

The messages we choose to broadcast dramatically influence the our happiness, success, and the people around us. Maintaining a positive mindset and broadcasting that to other people can fuel every business and educational outcome in your life.

Positivity by the Numbers

  • Optimistic salespeople experience 37% more sales than their pessimistic counterparts.
  • Managers who broadcast praise to their team in specific ways are able to get more 31% more productivity from their teams.
  • Using lessons learned from happiness research, one of Michelle’s clients raised gross revenues to $350 million to $1 billion in a handful of years.


Start Creating Positive Momentum in Your Life Today

Take the Success Scale assessment to measure the three primary indicators of success:

  • Work optimism
  • How you view stress
  • Your support provision

This quick and easy assessment should give you an indication of what area(s) to focus on to create more positive momentum.

When you wake up each morning, open a new message and write a 2-minute email praising or supporting someone in your social support network. Do not start your day with negative news - this can have a negative influence on your whole day.

When faced with a challenge, look for facts that can fuel you to rebalance your mindset and provide a new way of looking at a stressful situation.

Start Broadcasting Happiness
The best way to start broadcasting happiness is to begin every interaction with something positive and meaningful.

This is called The Power Lead.

Remember, the most influential person in a room is not the one who is the most negative or positive. It’s the person who is the most expressive.


How to Deal with Negative People

  • Engage in a Strategic Retreat - Reorient yourself away from them, use noise-canceling headphones, keep conversations brief, etc.
  • When dealing with negative people, it’s important to maintain a sense of compassion. Keep in mind that negativity is simply expressed suffering.

“Social support is the greatest predictor for long term happiness.”

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