Kriss Bergethon : Boosting Your Creativity and Output by Using the Goal Tree

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Kriss was financially successful but not personally successful in his first multi million dollar construction business. In 2007 he sold the company and decided to move out to the country and live off the grid.

Kriss shares what he learned through that experience and how he leveraged his new experience into a virtual business called Solar Sphere that he ran up until 2014.

Through this time Kriss had lot’s of ideas pulling him in different directions. That’s when he sat down and developed the goal tree to help him discover what to be working on and more importantly what not to be working on.


Get Kriss’s Goal tree template


Values = The roots
Trunk = Purpose
10, 5, 1 and 90 day goals = Branches & Leaves

One thing Kriss firmly believes in is prioritizing family and personal before professional.

Your goal setting system shouldn’t be something that stresses you out or causes additional pressure in your life. Kriss shares how your long term goals and visions should be constantly moving and somewhat nebulous.

Kriss also shares how important an accountability partner is for continued growth and

3:2:3 Creativity Hack PRINCIPLE

FIRST PART OF DAY (3 hours): Output - Writing, creating offers, new books, new videos for things that he’s going to sell. He’ll create an outline for a product and let a writer fill it in.

SECOND PART OF DAY (2 hours): Plate spinning - He’s connecting with the team and getting. Answering emails and attending to the burocracy of life.

LAST 3 HOURS OF THE DAY (3 hours): Input - He listens to my podcast, educational trainings, and he’s a workout. He jumps on the bike and his BIGGEST and BEST problem solving problems are in the mode of working-out.

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