Dustin Maher: Learn The 5 Pillars To A Bulletproof Body With 2 Simple Mental Exercises For Maximized Focus

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Dustin helps people lose weight. And lot’s of it. We’re going to talk about what he’s learned about training and what you need to know as a busy entrepreneur or executive.

Check out these Pillars To A Bulletproof Body

Pillar #1 - MindsetDustin likes to teach lifestyle and moderation over burnout (example P90x) Figure out your big WHY.

Dustin shares a method of realizing your life choices by going through a 10 year plan that he learned from Tony Robbins

Pillar #2 - Nutrition
Dustin shares how he found a personal chef through his network and how it’s impacted his personal productivity and lifestyle.

Pillar #3 - Weight Training

Bare minimum - 20 minutes 3x per week. Dustin gives some specific actions to take during those exercise periods.

Pillar #4 - Burst Training
Here’s a quick run-down of what it is.

As hard as you can for 30 seconds.
Rest for at least 30 seconds up to 2 minutes (4:1 ratio)
Repeat 4-12 times
Entire training 10-15 minutes long.

Pillar #5 - Environment
Things like accountability and support fall into this category. This really shapes your overall health in a very significant way.


Make sure to check out…

Dustin’s website

Furrino standing desk 

Dustin’s site focused for women (specifically Mom’s) fitmomsforlife.com/

Some stats on the success Dustin has been seeing so far…

  • 1,000,000 Mom’s in Facebook Communities
  • 105 locations around North America - Fit Moms for Life
  • 5 Fitness locations
  • 100 TV shows
  • 50 Workout DVDs
  • Written a book
  • Done a documentary

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