Nicholas Kusmich - The Importance of Being Present no Matter Where You’re At

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Nicholas had no choice but to be an entrepreneur. Growing up in an immigrant family with a sick father he had to figure out what to do to support himself and his family. Nicholas shares how he hit rock bottom and when he was there how he made a choice to learn from it rather than give into it.

Our problem is not that we don’t write down our goals it’s that we have too many goals.

Goals can cause massive problems… Often entrepreneurs can fall into this gap of comparison to others and really feeling dissatisfied not being at the level you want. It get’s back to being present and content no matter where you’re at.

Nicholas shares how he found the space he now runs his business in. The exact steps and criteria he used to evaluate what he wanted to do and how he could create a business working with the best in the world.

How to find your niche…

#1 - Identify a skill set you have
#2 - Identify a need that people have
#3 - Find an underserved segment of that market.


I wanted to be the absolute best in the industry - the Gucci, the Lamborghini, the Prada of the marketplace

Value experiences far more than money and “things”. Nicholas shares how he’s been extremely focused on creating incredible experiences and being completely present and enjoying where you’re at now.

If you want to learn how Nicholas uses Facebook ads to drive such massive ROI for clients check out this presentation he gave at Archangel Academy talking about his Facebook Formula.


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