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Michael Margolis is an expert at storytelling for businesses. Helping people really get to the core of what they’re trying to do and “Speak like a Human. Influence The World.”

A company that doesn’t have a story is a company without a strategy. How do you get others to see what you see if you can’t tell your own story?

It’s a recurring theme but we talk about overcoming adversity. How to reframe pain, hardship, and even complete failure to see the best and completely recover better than ever.

Learn how to tell a better story for your business

We start with the problem as an entrepreneur but it’s not the right architecture if you’re doing something worldchanging for your audience. You need to reframe it as the possibility obstacle model. Only after you get people to say “yes” can you throw in the wrinkle and explain the obstacle.

We’ve been told we need to invent the disease to give the solution. Michael asks - Does that model still hold up? And will it continue? It’s a question we all need to be asking in our businesses and marketing.

Becoming an expert at storytelling and being able to better tell your story is only going to help you and Michael shares and awesome free resource that you should definitely check out - getstoried.com/redpill

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