Garrett Gunderson – Creating Your Entrepreneurial Wealth Factory

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Garrett Gunderson is a financial guru who specializes in helping entrepreneurs manage their finances and create wealth.

Money is only a symptom of the problem. People have a relationship or mental problem that is the root cause. You always have mental capital and relationships capital.

It’s time to step out of the scarcity mindset and look at the abundance in the world, and go out and create value in the world. To many people get deeply entrenched in the

Entrepreneurs Need to Invest into 3 P’s.

1. People – The best people for your business.
2. Process – Create processes for people to perform better.
3. Procedure – Automation, reach and leverage.

The best investment you can make is into your business. Not only can you build up equity into the asset that is your business but also generate cash flow and make a significant impact in the world.

Garrett shares how important it is to get close to your investments. When you give your money to a financial adviser, who gives it to a money manager, who puts it into a company – which puts your money really far away.

Diversification for most is Diworsification

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