Tony Gareri - Creating a Value System to Drive Your Multi Million Dollar Business

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Tony talks about being apart of his family’s multi million dollar and multinational business in the framing industry.

Although a relatively “traditional” business (Tony talks about the ups and downs throughout the conversation) he has turned it into a business that is value centric and creating a positive work environment.

Don’t let fear stop you because the effects on your physical and mental well being are far too great. Tony shares what fear he has had to overcome in his life and in the family business - Roma Moulding.

Tony recommends to always identify who is showing up in your business. Understand what your employees and team actually value and who they are.

He shares exactly how they went from understanding this was a problem to the exact stepsthey took to completely transform the culture of the company.

This conversation is really for business owners and high performing entrepreneurs wanting to build the best culture and environment possible for their team.

They’re doing this at Roma Moulding with All Hands Meetings which Tony talks extensively about. Watch one of those here.

Check out the vision Roma Moulding has for 2018

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