Create High Performance Culture In Your Company And Get A 400% ROI

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Are you sick of paying out high insurance premiums? Does your organization lose money from absenteeism or even presenteeism (employees come to work but aren’t as productive as they could be if they were healthy). Implementing the behavioral change strategies that Designer Health Centers teaches within your business or corporation will save you crazy, jaw-dropping amounts of money.

The United States spends close to 3 trillion dollars on “healthcare”, close to 20% of its gross domestic product. This is half of the entire Chineese economy. To break it down, $1.00 out of every $5.00 spent in the U.S. is on what they call “healthcare”. Most other industrialized nations “healthcare” systems are not far behind. But is it really healthcare and is this system preventing disease and saving you and your business money? Furthermore, does this system promote peak productivity, focus and performance within your employees?

A recent article written by Reuters reviewed a study that showed the U.S. scored dead last in healthcare yet again.

The U.S. “healthcare system” isn’t healthcare, it’s disease care and it’s costing you and your business loads of money you could be using for your children’s education or a trip to Paris. Gonzo. It disappears into the void of the medical and insurance systems that don’t have your best interest in mind. According to recent Harvard research over 50% of the bankruptcies in America are medical related.

Creating A Culture Of Wellness Radically Reduces Healthcare Costs

The Gallup Organization provides a variety of management consulting, human resources and statistical research services to the world. If you want to understand how to run your business efficiently and you want all the research and statistics to support the changes you need to make, you want to follow what Gallup is doing and researching.

You, and your organization can avoid the raising healthcare costs in our industrialized nations according to Gallup’s chief operating officer Jane Miller, and chief financial officer, Jim Krieger.

Gallup has created a culture of wellness and consumer-driven healthcare to reduce the cost of care while increasing the overall quality of life of their employees.By implementing behavioral change strategies and cultivating a culture of individuals that are taking responsibility for their health they have massive savings while other companies are paying out the ears.

Unheard Of Decrease In Insurance Rates 

According to Jane Miller they have been focusing on implementing wellness strategies and health education since 2000 which created a robust culture of healthy living and preventative wellness. Jim Krieger adds that in the first two years they saw their medical premium rate inflation decrease from 21% and 20% in 2002 and 2003 to just 8% in 2004 which is 7% lower than healthcare inflation trends nationwide. Since 2004 their annual healthcare cost inflation has averaged just 2%. That’s unheard of on such a consistent basis.

Employees Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle Save Companies Major Dollars 

Krieger says that with comparable annual healthcare cost inflation across the country being between 11% and 15% that Gallup’s savings were from 8.5% to 12.5% based on Mercer Management’s annual Health Cost Inflations Report. They realized more than half the savings in lower premium rates, and the company saves the other half while continuing to enhance their health education and systems internally.

Furthermore, healthy employees boost businesses bottom line as they experience less sick time, fewer disability days and suffer from less chronic illness and premature deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 75% of employers’ health care costs and productivity losses are related to the employee lifestyle choices.

Aldana reviewed 72 articles and concluded that a wellness programs’ average ROI is $3.48 per every $1.00 invested. This data is for overall healthcare. If you consider only absenteeism, the ROI is $5.82 per $1.00.

Gallups Success Is Attributed To Employees Adopting Healthy Lifestyles

They got the results that they did because they avidly empowered individuals to take control of their health and wellness. This is one of the top principles that we teach at Implement these healthy lifestyle strategies into any company culture and you will most likely see incredible returns. In order to make long-term change the organizational leaders need to empower individuals to take control. They also educated the employees on how being in their best shape physically will help the company and individual financially while they prevent the most costly chronic diseases and health challenges.

Top Solutions To Create Lasting Change In Your Company Culture

Adopting a culture of people that consciously adopt a healthy lifestyle and providing emergency insurance saves the company money directly and indirectly. Directly from the money they would save from not having to pay high insurance premiums. And indirectly from the amount of money lost due to absenteeism and presenteeism.

While Gallup implements a wellness program within the company they also offer emergency insurance, a health savings account or health reimbursement accounts. As you can imagine, this saves an extreme amount of money. Organizations that have worked with Designer Health Centers have invested in creating and cultivating a culture of wellness for their employees while offering emergency insurance as a base. Along with behavioral change programs, companies could create wellness packages with massage, chiropractic and whatever else they choose and still save money.

Gallup also increased deductibles and copays and educated the entire company on the reasons for the shift while encouraging the individuals to take control of their health. This not only dropped the insurance premiums, but also encouraged their employees to focus on creating healthier lifestyles. It’s a win, win for the employee and the company. The employee gets healthier, more productive and focused and the company saves money.

With the money saved from this behavioral change program Gallup committed more money to the education and tools to create long term sustainable changes in the health and behaviors of their employees. This is contrary to what most companies do. Most companies focus soley on business while their employees’ health falls apart (it’s inevitable) which costs them more and more money.

The Gallup Organization said that if companies embraced a similar health culture as they had, then our industrialized nations could save trillions of dollars by preventing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and hypertension.

After this health culture is embraced within the company employees eventually report high well-being scores. Employees who report low well-being average 50% higher medical costs. Employees who report higher well-being average 20% lower medical costs.

Top Solutions:

  1. Decide to create a company culture of people that are consciously living healthy lifestyle designs
  2. Encourage ongoing healthy lifestyle education by sending them to www.DrJones.TV or another healthy living website
  3. Get them trained on the science  and steps of healthy eating and living (a great place to start is
  4. Reconsider your insurance program and educate your team on the changes that are going to be made
  5. Infuse the company culture with ongoing health promotions and educational events throughout the year

If you want to hire me or one of the qualified health experts from my team to come speak at your company, please visit our contact form at the top right hand corner of the page and we will send you more information.

Let me know your thoughts on this by making a comment below. I hope this article will serve you, your family and your company.

“Healthcare reform lies in changing the focus from paying high insurance premiums and combating problems to ebracing a focus on prevention, wellness, and responsibility for one’s health, one company at a time.”

- Jane Miller, Executive Vice President and COO of Gallup


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