Rikke Hansen - 3 Simple Steps To Career Change and Designing Your Dream Business

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Although a great career, Rikke wanted more than just to work in HR at Morgan Stanley, not only for her career but also for herself. She wanted to be able to design something or be a part of something when she told people what she did the response was “Wow - that is 100% YOU”.

Learn how to not make the same mistakes over and over again with Rikke’s expertise. You can never be an ultimate performer if you can’t be YOURSELF in your everyday work.

“Learn your craft, To be an expert is to become an expert.”

You Should Always Look at Your Career as a Startup Even if You Aren’t an Entrepreneur

It is important to take risks, be unapologetically yourself and you can simply make something your own with your own unique spin on it! What does it mean to feel FULLY ALIVE?

-Practical Teaching
-Powerful Relationships
-Private Disciplines - Yoga, Morning Ritual
-Having A Massive Challenge/Breakdown

To Perform in the Maximum Performance Possible You Need To Be Clear on What Your Problem Is Before Moving Forward

If you think you are defined by your career. You can change to whatever you want to create.

Feeling stuck in your job, workplace, the people you are surrounded by? Find a relatable role-model; rather than thinking you need to find the perfect mentor. You also need to discover for yourself if your problem is a fundamental issue or only a surface issue.

Get inspired with what has already been created- the entrepreneurial world is open to anyone you just have to get in there and join the movement.

You are never done… Because your clients will change, the world will change, you will change, your circumstances will change, so keeping going.


1. What’s your definition of “next level”?
2. Is this the kind of business that you want for you in this stage in your life?
3. Do you want to be where you are right now?
4. Do you really, really want to be here?
5. Happiness is what you should experience every day, so are you happy? Are you truly happy?
6. What is your version of more?
7. How can you get slightly uncomfortable?
8. What would be the most crazy out come that you can think of?

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