Primal Living in the Modern World with Mark Sisson

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Our guest for today is fitness guru and former marathon runner Mark Sisson. He’s also authored dozens of books, many of them bestsellers in the field of nutrition. Alfa and Omega of the Primal Nutrition LLC, Mark opens up on the intricacies of ketogenic diet and why you should try it out.

Performance Hit

No matter if it’s business or everyday life, relaxation or flow state, performance is the thing we’re after. With this in mind, Mark identifies 3 main factors why our level of utility and performance might suffer:
Diet: getting the right combination of nutrients is the key to high-performance. Learn about your body, follow-up on its reactions, and reset your metabolism for more efficient fat usage.

Sleep: stress caused by inadequate sleep hinders your performance dramatically.
Exercise:all exercise is good, but some may be useless depending on the goals set.

Today we’re zeroing-in on the diet part of the triangle, getting to the bottom of ketogenic diet.

Why Keto?

Aside from our beating hearts, the one thing human bodies share is the natural disposition to burn fat. Eating one meal or less, the distant past has literally taught our bodies to store the fat with the intention of using (burning) it when needed. What stands in the way of this natural mechanism are the carbs, or better yet the glucose generated from them. Getting rid of carbs and unlocking the potential of body’s fat-burning mechanism is the nutshell of what keto diet is all about.

Digging Deeper

The conventional wisdom has it that glucose is the main fuel of our organisms, while in truth the ketones, byproduct of fats that our bodies generate, are indeed more efficient in this regard. They can do the job in absence of any food.

Carb deficiency will result in body’s recognition of the fact, which means that the dependence on glucose has also to go down. The body then has no choice but to burn fat already stored inside it.

The 3-week Program

Cutting on carbs, the body needs some time to adjust to the newfound circumstances and unlock the potential for fat self-burning. Mark proposes the 21 day schedule, where carbs will be cut progressively so as to allow the body to find its bearings in melting fat instead of cracking the glucose strings.
Adjusting the lifestyle takes time, and body’s habit-forming habit can be fully capitalized only after a certain amount of time. 3 weeks, Mark feels, is just the right amount.

Advice to-go

Mark ends on a useful note, sharing advice on getting the best out of your day. First things first, don’t overeat. Ever. Put the food away if you feel full. And get rid of soda, you don’t need that stuff. Also sleep; Mark is big on hitting that 7-8 hours regular sleep mark.

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