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Our today’s guest is Jonathan Levi, a serial entrepreneur and author. He runs a widely successful SuperHuman Enterprises his courses are huge on Udemy. Sharing the secret behind fast learning, Jonathan refreshes our memory about the importance of improving yourself every single day.

The Method Behind Fast and Effective Learning

As an entrepreneur, you acquire a commanding set of skills along your tight business schedule. But you might be missing on the most important one of all – the knowledge of how to learn (and remember) the new things most effortlessly.
See for Yourself
Turns out, enhancing your skills and upgrading your memory is related to a single most important skill – that of visualization. We memorize (and call to memory) images much easier than words and training your brain to form complex visual images and relate them to existing conceptual knowledge is an old, yet unsurpassed brain skill. One hour talks will be a breeze, just as the huge shopping lists won’t be a problem at all.
You might have heard of Memory palaces, these vast, personalized systems of memorization so well incorporated by many with insight into their wisdom. The core pillar of memory palaces is the visualization mentioned above, and whereas MPs are used for more complex tasks as learning a new language, they can’t be thought of without the basic principle of visualization.

Catch up with Your Brain

Memory imagery is a skill easily acquired. In fact, you already have it, just didn’t bother to marshal up this ingenious part of your brain all due to lackluster educational system that thwarted it.
Humans are visual learners, and converting every piece of info you want to memorize into an image is a great way to start. It takes some conscious effort at first, but give it time and this powerful skill will become like a second nature to you, which Jonathan holds, indeed is.

Move the Earth

Besides the effectiveness, the memory imagery is important for one other thing – time. Working our schedules, we race it all the time. The skill of effective learning allows for some much needed time off. It can be one day a week, or two, but always make sure to set aside a day where you won’t do anything but think about where all of it is going. Don’t feel guilty about it, for to serve others you should serve yourself in the first place.

Smart Investment
Letting loose a little bit, you’ll see how everything falls into place. Suddenly your working hours are a lot more productive, you let the exercise, nutrition, social bonding influence your life the way they should.
But the biggest piece of wisdom Jonathan imparts - sleep well. Just as visualization is to learning, a good night’s sleep is the basis of how your day will pan out.

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