Kelly LeVeque: The Science behind Nutrition

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Our today’s guest is a celebrity nutritionist and wellness expert Kelly LeVeque. Coming from the cancer and genetics background she has a wholesome, scientific approach to nutrition that tries to understand how given fat or fiber work in our bodies.

Diet is a Tool

With so many different diets having so many varieties among them, it is increasingly confusing to plan and execute your nutrition strategy. But Kelly is here to remind us that it’s all actually very simple: the only rule is to observe how your body responds to certain combination of food intake. There are a few ground rules, for sure, but whatever works for you within the boundaries of those rules is the preferred option. Diet variations are just tools to get you where you want.

The Science of it

Having slogged through an infinite number of studies, Kelly is out there to educate people about how food constituents work. She extracts valuable stuff from the studies which give us tools to helps understand the biology behind the diets.

Hormone reaction

It is much due to how we negotiate things with our hormones that react differently to different compounds. Protein for instance does a very good job in shutting down a certain hunger hormone, making your crave for sugars much less potent. The food philosophy rests on how we balance the intake of fats, proteins, fibers, and greens, and also on the quality of each.

Mind your Blood Sugar

Eating sugars without giving your body a fair shot to clear itself is the worst nutritional sin you can make. Not only do the elevated fasting blood sugar levels mar your potential performance, they also pave the way for diabetes or Alzheimer’s. Occasionally sinning is not a big deal only if you know how to bring the glucose level down afterwards.

Change your Habit

Just as with everything else, checking all the boxes is not what the proper nutrition is all about. You should instead employ a series of small changes to your day that have maximum benefits. You’ll be amazed the difference this makes.

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