Dr Jeremy Weisz - Finding Your Motivation to Overcome Obstacles That Hold Most Entrepreneurs From Success

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What’s the motivation for you?

If you want to really change something in your life you have to find your own personal motivation.  It might not be overnight but keep asking yourself and searching for your why.

We swap amazing stories of family from World War II and the power of thought and mindset changes everything (no matter the situation).

The biggest differentiator Dr Jeremy has learned while talking with amazing people on Inspired Insider is they take action. Behind most stories of success in business is often a long list of failed ventures and ideas that didn’t work, it’s those that kept going that have reach a high level of success.

“You shoot bullets before you shoot cannons” - Jim Collins

You need a team around you - You simply can’t do everything.

One of the biggest things Dr Jeremy suggests is to search out great talent and continually work to build your team. (even the best only have 60% hiring success rate)

You have to put the systems and people in place and let go at some point in your business. Until you do that you’ll never truly be able to scale. No matter how experienced you are, having a checklist and system in place will lead you to greater efficiency and improved results.

Always surround yourself with the best

Find a mentor to help you get to your goals and objectives sooner. There is no more powerful action than reaching out and asking for help from someone.

One way to that is to start your own mastermind or mentorship group. The goal is to help people get 10x value. Often times you have to curate “customers” to ensure you can provide that 10x value and make sure you’re maximizing the effect.

Dr Jeremy also shares why he’s testing some intermittent fasting every week and the reason he’s eating a handful of nuts every day. Make sure to listen toward the end of the episode for that.

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