Jennifer Hudye - Find Out the BEST Bio-Hacks For a Better You

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Jennifer grew up with entrepreneur parents who taught her how to ‘fish’, graduating from the University of Arizona with a business management and entrepreneurship degree she is in love with business and making connections with people.

Passionate about health and fitness she shares with us how she loves to motivate and inspire others to be their very best. Jennifer goes over the biggest belief systems that cause problems within us. Stemming from our deep unconscious that has been programed from society and the people around us.

Your Mindset will determine whether or not you get results

Examples of Cognitive Dissonance

  1.  This is going to be hard, or way to hard based off my current lifestyle - Why do you believe this is going to be way too challenging for your current lifestyle?
  2.  This is going to be too much of a risk -
  3.  It’s going to take up too much time - We all have the same amount of time
  4. My family or friends won’t accept you -
  5. Society won’t look at me the same if I change.
  6.  This is just who I am - really it’s 9/10 nurture and 1/10 nature
  7. I can’t afford it -

Ask yourself, what are the roadblocks going to be on your journey?

“Roadblocks are often constructs within our mind.”

Challenges fuel our are understanding to grow to the next level. Everything in the universe and in life for growth needs to be looked at as contrast.

Saying things out loud is essential and asking yourself where you are at in the following areas:






Fun & Hobbies

Most people think that they need to do all the things, all the time in their life. You need to form new lifestyle habits and goals to your current lifestyle.

5 Step Framework for Setting Goals for your Lifestyle:

What is my specific goal?

Why is this goal so important to me? If you can’t come up with at least 10 reasons why this isn’t important to me, then it’s going to fizzle out. At least 5 of those need to be intrinsically motivated, like you’re doing it to show up as your best self. Intrinsic motivators are how you show up for others, God and yourself. Extrinsic motivators are doing it for someone else or something such money.

Add and Subtract - What am I willing to add to achieve this specific goal, and what am I will to subtract to achieve this specific goal? Ex: Are you willing to take out alcohol? What are you willing to do?

What are the challenges that I face when dealing with this specific goal? What are the things you can overcome the challenges, the actions, strategies and transformations to overcome these challenges?

How do you want to feel? At the end of this goal? This is the most important goal of all.

Jennifer believes that we can only focus on three goals at once and making sure that all three goals are aligned with each-other.

When I (Dr. Jones) set goals, even though I achieved 70% of our goals last week, I don’t like looking at my goals because unconsciously I feel like have created so many unmet expectations around goals. Jennifer responds with “Progress not perfection.”

Setting a few big goals, that you’re always working towards, and making sure that you have control over them. At the end of the week she rates herself in different areas of her life and then that gives her an opportunity for growth. Our past is what we have the most knowledge about.

Jennifer’s favorite performance hacks

  • Morning routine - She has a list of the things she does every morning. The first thing she does when she wakes up is say thank you three times. She does her affirmations, reviews her goals and to do list. The calendar and goals are created the day before.
  • Meditation - She use to think it was a woowoo thing, but now realizes how powerful it is. Know that there are different seasons of your life and be okay with that.
  • Affirmations - They have completely changed her life. Positive phrases that we say out loud in order to shift our negative belief system into a positive belief system. This enables you to feel how you want to feel.
  • Gratitude - This is the best “bio-hack” out there. Any time she has a rough day she focuses on gratitude.

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