Dr. Gordon Crozier - Unlocking Optimal Health With Glutathione

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Today we’re talking to Dr. Crozier, the medical director of Excellent Living Medical Center in Orlando, Florida, the author of Healing One Cell At a Time, and a leader in the research and application of integrative and genetic-based medicine.

Discovering the Downside of Traditional Medicine

Dr. Crozier’s dedication to integrative, functional and alternative medicine was inspired in large part by his own pattern of sickness throughout childhood. After surgery was advised to treat his Crohn’s disease when he was still in high school, Gordon knew he wanted to be in control of own life: He walked out of the hospital and started on the right path to health and healing by eliminating stressors from his life and focusing on a healthy diet.

He went on to study medicine at Michigan State, and then did his residency in obstetrics and gynecology. That’s when Dr. Crozier became ill again and realized he needed to look outside of traditional medicine, so he did a fellowship in metabolic medicine and stem cell research and continued to educate himself in alternative realms.

He faced opposition from the medical community at the university, which made him realize that traditional Western medicine is often driven by revenue, as opposed to truly helping patients become well and healthy, and that wasn’t a path he wanted to go down.

Our Master Antioxidant: Glutathione

Dr. Crozier is a big believer in the benefits of glutathione, which he calls our “master antioxidant.” He explains that glutathione helps people heal by removing free radicals and heavy metals from the system in a gentle way. There are over 250 functions for glutathione in the body – it’s needed for our immune system to function properly and it also aids our neurotransmitters.

Dr. Crozier explains that glutathione is created from cysteine, glycine and glutamine in the human body, and that the supplements you can buy at the store are plant-based, which is different from human-based, and could even be GMO. In Dr. Crozier’s clinic, on the other hand, everything is free of preservatives, non-GMO and available in the purest form he can get his hands on.

Dangers of Mold and the HLA-DRBQ Gene

Dr. Crozier also stresses the importance of testing for the HLA-DRBQ gene, which prevents people from purging mold and mycotoxins from the system. He says that forty percent of people in the U.S. have the gene, and the rate is higher for those of northern European descent and Middle Eastern Jewish descent.

The danger of the HLA-DRBQ gene comes when a person is exposed to black mold, which is incredibly common in buildings all over the country. Gases from black molds accumulate in the body, and these mycotoxins contribute to over 36 diseases. Mold also decreases our natural production of glutathione, and at the same time, glutathione is one of the body’s best means of detoxifying the body from mold.

Citric acid is another harmful substance to watch out for, as it is often derived from mold and therefore decreases glutathione levels. Unfortunately, this additive appears in all kinds of foods and supplements, including ketchup and other tomato products, sodas, and even baby food.

Dr. Crozier’s action steps for a healthier, more meaningful life

  1. Don’t rely on supplements for good health; food is the best medicine. When you do take supplements, choose them carefully.
  2. Find a good, healthy probiotic (and make sure that it isn’t derived from mold!) to maintain gut health.
  3. Make sure you get enough inulin and fiber in your diet, and eat foods in the proper order, e.g. proteins before carbohydrates.
  4. Every six months, do a cleanse to rid the body of intestinal parasites: Dr. Crozier does the following: four days on then four to ten days off of colloidal silver, food-grade hydrogen peroxide (very diluted), oregano and garlic.
  5. Most importantly: Realize that you have a purpose, and do not let fear or perfectionism hold you back from finding that purpose.

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