Bolaji Oyejide: Maximizing Your Family Life and Helping Your Kids Find their Passion

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Bolaji Oyejide is the entrepreneur behind Brave Little Heroes, a series of books designed to inspire children to make the world a better place. Originally from Nigeria, the Spiderman comic book fan has made it his mission to help the ‘Peter Parkers’ of the world become superheroes.

Today he shares some really great advice for entrepreneur parents and future parents, including:

  • The different between talent and passion
  • How to help your kids develop grit
  • Three steps every family member can take to enable a great family unit

Help Your Kids Find their Passion

Parents often mistakenly assume that talent is everything, but kids need to also have a passion for what they do.


“We don’t always start out knowing what our purpose should be, but we tend to start off with a few innate talents”


Children all have a few talents and they all know what they like. They can figure out what their objectives are later.


Money isn’t Everything
A lot of parents have concerns about their children pursuing passions that are not lucrative. However, accumulating material possessions is overrated. If you’re not happy or passionate about what you’re doing, money doesn’t mean anything. Money in and of itself is not going to make you feel better, but if you have a positive purpose to work towards, money can be a tool you use to help people.

How Kids can Develop ‘Superpowers’

Becoming a GOAT (greatest of all time) starts with:
Grit - More important than talent and intelligence, grit is the most valuable gift you can give to your children.
Objective - Your purpose or goal in life - find a goal that’s bigger than yourself to work towards.
Affinity - What you like and are passionate about.
Talent - What you are good at.


Instilling Grit in Children

In order to help develop grit in your children, you want them to have a growth mindset. They have to be unafraid of failure, because when they fail, they learn what doesn’t work. That’s when they grow.

  • Allow your children to fail
  • When they fail, encourage them to keep trying
  • Let your kids learn the talent of picking themselves back up from falling down

Enabling a Great Family Unit

3 Steps for Dad
Give your kids 15 minutes of mindfulness each day:

  • Physically - Play physical games with your kids
  • Mentally - Play board games with your kids
  • Emotionally - Engage in meaningful conversation with your kids

3 Steps for Mom

  • Physically - Let dad and the kids make dinner once a week
  • Mentally - Enjoy a night out once a week
  • Emotionally - Get three hugs from every family member each day

3 Steps for Kids

  • Physically - Get kids into a physical routine in the mornings to kick off their day.
  • Mentally - After school, journal one fun thing and one mistake that happened in the day.
  • Emotionally - Give mom three hugs a day and help dad remember what it feels like to be a kid again.

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