Nintendo’s Brain Age: The Successful Entrepreneurs Unfair Advantage

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I feel like this post could get me in loads of trouble.

I mean, how often does a doctor recommend video games for anything except maybe remedying productiveness with laziness?

And on top of that, I may have some of my clients egging my house for giving away a pretty juicy secret.

Video games have indeed changed from two Italian guys trying to rescue a princess to now having global communities participating in team events online. There are even games to help executives maintain consistent A-game in the conference room. We are now utilizing computer games to revolutionize memory, cognitive abilities and learning.

Through integrative gaming systems scientists are now able to study how mapping the brain and stimulating certain cortexes can in fact reverse neurological aging and improve overall brain health. This has developed to the point of creating games that not only highly stimulate the user, but may actually facilitate reversal of brain aging.

I first saw the idea of actually improving neuroplasticity and increasing neuro synapses with gamified technology in action in a clinic on the out skirts of the Dominican Republic. It was a rainy day somewhere in the middle of nowhere; we found ourselves lost in the middle of a remote Dominican mountain range. Another doctor and I had made our way through six impoverished communities, caring for any person who needed our help. I specifically remember watching children in homemade banana leaf rafts race down gushing sewage canals that twisted through shoulder width alley ways. We found ourselves drinking bags of a sweet milky substance. We were told if we didn’t want Montezumas revenge then we’d better go with the mystery drink. It was most likely coconut water and some form of protein mixed in. To this day I couldn’t tell you exactly but the villagers drank it and seemed ok!

But the raw sewage slip and slide mixed with the mystery milk weren’t the craziest part of the trip.

What blew my mind the most was walking into a hut that could barely hold its own on stilts and seeing what may have been Steve Job’s first ever computer with 10 little Dominican children standing around it as a small boy named Azul plugged different numbers into the Nintendo based platform.

To this day, I could not tell you what the thing was, I asked multiple times in my best Spanish translation but only received, “Nintendo”!

This was definitely nothing like what I grew up with. Apparently a few years back some missionaries had brought the machine in order to help the children learn and apparently it was working. Two boys who could barely write their names had started scribbling rough sketches of the letters and even the older community patriarchs were reporting of remembering directions to villages that had long been forgotten.

Was the Nintendo actually helping?

successful entrepreneurs

Fast forward to 2015. Nintendo is touting a video game that can actually increase concentration, focus and overall stamina of the brain. A potential take off of the primal PC I saw in the Dominican? Who knows but this time it looks a whole lot better than the system I witnessed transform a small village. It’s called Brain Age for the Nintendo DS and you’d be shocked to know how many people are using it and even crazier, getting pretty good results.

Brain Age is centered on influencing fluid intelligence, the intelligence that, for the most part, is what experts refer to as being “smart”. Generally, when someone refers to another as being “smart”, they are, consciously or unconsciously, referring to the person’s high fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence is at work when you confront new situations and solve problems you have never experienced before.

How does this affect you as successful entrepreneurs?

Think of it as working out a muscle. In order to get results, you not only have to work that muscle consistently but you MUST change up the exercise in order to fool the muscle into exponential growth. The brain works very similarly in that it also needs variation in order to stimulate a variety of cortex’s, which can lead to everything from increased focus to actually slowing down degeneration and even preventing it.

Brain Training or Brain Age is inspired by the work of prominent Japanese neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima. Brain Training features activities designed to help stimulate your brain and give it the workout it needs like solving simple math problems, counting people going in and out of a house simultaneously, drawing pictures on the Nintendo DS touch screen, and reading classic literature out loud. There is even an app for your phone!

I was speaking with one of my patients the other day who so happens to be a very well known up and comer in successful entrepreneurial circles. Forbes just listed him as one of 2016’s most promising e-commerce influencers. At the end of our conversation he looks at me and says, “So, are you using?”

At this point I shot back the witty banter and said, “You caught me John, Ecstasy is my secret energy boost!” We both laughed and once again he asked me, “No really. Are you using?” At this point, if I hadn’t known John so well I would’ve potentially considered going through my addiction protocol with him. I parlayed the question, “Ok, now you’ve peeked my interest, what’s up druggy?”

He proceeds to hold up his Nintendo DS and show me a game he’s been playing consistently over the past few months, a game he so adamantly calls, his trump card.

He explains to me that since he’s been using this device, he’s found that his focus is clearer and his thinking has quickened. Like a modern day Charlie Munger, he can now walk into bargaining situations and quickly define if it’s a right or wrong move. John is already a genius in his own right but now, he swears by this one technique that has gotten him over the low focus, low energy, productivity hump that’s been holding him back lately.

Here’s the key: without drugs and medications.

Sadly, meds are a go to among top performers in our world today, even more sad is the side effects that take place due to poor trials and ghost writer medical articles that approve these so called safe drugs. Vioxx was extremely safe until it started making heart valves explode. Ridilan, a common drug used to gain the edge on focus, now being found to speed up the heart and potentially lead to heart attacks.

Out of all the high performers that have chosen me to be there personal doctor over the years, there’s one secret that stands out to me the most. Every single one of them wanted to know the CAUSE of why there performance had shifted for good or for bad. John was a perfect example. His trump card, his unfair advantage would be another addition to the countless things he tried before if we hadn’t addressed all the blockages that were inhibiting his brain from responding at the high level it is now.

As great a tool as Brain Age is, you need to address the WHY about the plummeting energy, the repetitive brain fog and the sharp decline in focus. John will tell you himself that exactly one year ago he was sitting in one the worlds leading neuroscientists’ clinics in Spain. He was sick and tired of being sick and tired. His body had taken a turn for the worst. All of his colleagues were busy with philanthropic endeavors and running highly successful multi-million dollar corporations while he felt stuck in a black hole. He couldn’t put his finger on it, all he knew was that by 1:30 in the afternoon his brain felt like a Mack truck slammed into it. His thoughts were hazy, his productivity wasn’t the same as it was 3 years ago and his body felt 20 years older. John came to me because one of his mentors slipped him my card over coffee. It’s been a year since that moment he calls, “my transformation turning point”.

I want to speak to all those out there that feel that have lost hope in actually feeling great! It is NEVER to late. Your body is an amazing healing entity that was created for high performance. It’s like the masterful design of the autobahn. When the road is clear, a Lamborghini can show off like nowhere else on earth but if there are trees in the way, the autobahn resembles a worn out stretch of desert highway.

Your body is the same. You have pathways that lead from your brain to every single organ and tissue inside. For your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, for your eyes to scan this page right now, your brain is sending thousands of messages every milli-second to tell those functions to do perform.

My question is, if your heart is pumping thousands of gallons of blood, your lungs are pushing metric tons of air through per day and your eyes are consistently washing themselves with out with saline for sight, then why is your energy low?

Why is your sleep poor?

Why is anxiety present?

Why is your body aging unnaturally?

There is a cause. There is always a cause. Have you checked to see if inflammation is stopping your body from performing optimally? 95% of people dealing with symptoms like the ones I’ve mentioned always have inflammation which blocks healing from taking place.

Simply remove the interferences and the body will do the rest. Connect with me to find out more about how you can remove the interferences in your body HERE.


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