Shannon Graham – How To Find the Confidence To Be the Ultimate Version of Yourself

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Shannon Graham is a motivational speaker and self help author who has an unwavering dedication to his clients’ success. He offers life-changing strategies and recently launched a legacy program coaching some of the most successful people in the world.

Helping Yourself Becomes Helping Others

Shannon always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but got involved with drugs, alcohol and crime at a young age. He faced a crossroads at age 15 when he realized he would likely end up either in jail or worse, so he decided to figure out an alternate destiny for himself and immersed himself in self improvement and success technology. By the time he was 17, Shannon was the unofficial life coach in his school because helping himself made it easy for him to help other people. He realized that while he originally got into self improvement to save himself, his destiny became clear when he helped others.

A pivotal moment in Shannon’s career came when he found himself homeless and nearly penniless in New York City at the age of 21. He asked himself, “What do I have of value that I can offer to people?” And it hit him: He had the ability to show people how to be better version of themselves. He was inspired to put an ad on Craigslist and got a call the same day to do a free consultation.

His client was skeptical at first, but after Shannon blew him out of the water with his advice, he had landed his first client at $100 an hour. He’s been coaching ever since, but now he’s gone from $100 an hour to $150,000.

How do you get from $100 an hour to $150K?

When asked how he had the confidence to grow the profits from his life coaching business so exponentially, Shannon breaks it down this way:

  1. You get paid zero percent of the program that you don’t have. When Shannon realized he wanted to have a bigger program, he said to himself “I can’t get paid five figures unless I have a five-figure program, so I need to create one.”
  2. Time is not relative to value. Shannon uses this analogy: If I could teach you to turn lead into gold, would it be worth a million dollars to learn, even if it only took 15 minutes for him to teach you? The answer, of course, is yes. He explains that the gift that you bring into the world is not your time, it’s yourself and your genius.

Shannon asserts that, oftentimes, giving more time is an overcompensation for inadequacy – people feel they have to give more to justify their value because they don’t value themselves. When people ask him what they get $10K, his answer is “you get me for two days.”

This is because the majority of the value comes from the leadership and confidence Shannon transfers to his clients, as opposed to the strategies he teaches to them.

Shannon’s Six-Figure Program

He has now gone on to create a six-figure program and has the ultimate goal of creating a seven-figure legacy program that will allow him to work with a total of ten clients or fewer.

Shannon’s secret to creating a successful six-figure program is that he wants to show up at a level of value he’s never shown before, and to play at such a high level that he’d have to become a whole new version of himself. The money is just a conduit.

How to create simplicity

Our beliefs lead to everything. Typically, people have chaotic lives because they have chaotic beliefs. An effective life coach has to help the person wrap their mind around the fact that “it gets to be easy.” It’s important to make things easy on yourself and not get bogged down in the details.

Shannon goes on to explain that the one belief that allows him to do the impossible for himself and for other people is “I can.” That’s it. If you put your mind on it, you can do it.

Shannon’s High Performance Hacks:

  1. The future exists in a string of potential. There are multiple realities that exist and one of them becomes the reality that you experience. As an analogy, if you decide before you leave your house which way you’re going to go, when you get to the fork in the road, you know which way you’re going to go. In other words, what we decide now collapses the potential of any other option.
  2. Visualize the future version of yourself that you want to be and have a conversation with that person. Ask about that version of your self’s beliefs, habits, and how he/she overcomes challenges. Then borrow those beliefs, thoughts and actions and apply them now to get on that trajectory of success.

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