Preventing Chronic Disease -The ONE Ridiculously Simple Answer That Only 1% of Health Elite Know

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Cheat Early Disease

“You have to work at being healthy but more importantly you have to work to stay healthy”.

Ever heard something like that before? Ever wanted to scream at the top of your lungs, “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!”

Have you ever seen those people that dance through life, effortlessly letting health cascade into their being. It’s like they’re a human magnet for vitality, energy and flawless physiology.

Well I’m going to share with you a story of a classic scenario I see in my practice all the time.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith came in one afternoon, both of them wanting to do a complete overhaul of their current health status.

The whole shebang, all of our customized labs and programs including personalized one-on-one consulting every month. Mr. Smith was your seasoned fortune 500 CEO, he had grown a highly successful law firm but in the 27 year process had let his health go, a common trait seen way to often among entrepreneurs. Mrs. Smith was a beautiful 67 year old yoga instructor, I remember clear as day the way she held herself like a seasoned ballroom dancer. From the outside, The Smiths looked like a cover couple on a “60’s and Thriving” health magazine. They both had been through your classic lab test routines , which had all come back with “normal” results.

preventing chronic disease

They explained to me that they had already had “everything under the sun” in regards to health testing completed and were coming to me because they essentially wanted to confirm that what they had done and what they were doing, to ensure they were moving in the right direction to optimize their health.

They came to me having been taught that testing blood pressure, cholesterol, hormone levels and vitamin D levels were all anyone ever needed to know the current state of their health and what the future held concerning disease and dysfunction.

Think of lab work that helps in preventing chronic disease like a jigsaw puzzle.

The traditional health care model says that we need to choose lab tests to undertake based on symptoms being presented as well as past history and risk of disease. However this does not look at the person holistically or work on a model of disease prevention. It’s like trying to put together the jigsaw puzzle without all the pieces.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith found themselves in this exact situation. They had been taught that as long as they were not experiencing any symptoms, then they were “healthy” and standard run of the mill lab tests were enough. Cutting edge science has proven for a very long time that this way of thinking is not only dead wrong but life threatening as well. They had allowed the puzzle pieces to be chosen for them instead of truly understanding how their body heals and functions on a very basic cellular level.

According to numerous studies, healing in the body actually starts in the mind.

That’s why at Designer Health Centers, we call the people we work with Health Participants instead of patients. This may seem like a small detail but the simple act of labeling you a “patient” may affect the way you think about your ability to heal. It infers that the responsibility of healing your body is with the doctor. Rather than empowering your own innate ability to heal yourself with the right education, guidance and support.

Mr. Smith made it clear that they had, “run the gamut with tests and were done with the monotonous testing that only gave the same results over and over again”. I completely understood and let them both know that this is exactly why most people find us in the first place. We often see people who have done “everything” and seen “everyone” and are no closer to their health goals then when they started.

I wish I could say the Smith story ends with long vacations with grand-kids and 40 more years of cruise boat family reunions but it doesn’t. That day, the Smiths made a decision to leave my clinic the same way they came in. I always make it clear that “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

One of the criteria to be accepted to work with me has always been, you must be ready to do whatever it takes; if you have an inkling of doubt then it’s probably not the right fit. Nervousness and anxiety is normal when thinking about tests and results, this is not what I’m referring to. I’m referring to feeling unsure about whether this is the right path for you or about whether you are actually committed to making lifestyle changes if required.

In the Smiths situation Mrs. Smith was ready to jump in headfirst but Mr. Smith explained to me that he was just too burned out from all the diets, holistic seminars and testing regimens they had done in the past. Three weeks later, with flawless lab work from 2 of the top medical institutions in America and a recent clean bill of health, Mr. Smith sadly passed away due to arterial inflammation. My heart breaks every time I think about this story. A marriage ended prematurely, there are grandkids who will never get there grandpa back, unfinished tickle wars, family picnics never taken, a life cut too short.

Do you want to know the most frustrating part? It could have all been avoided if the right tests and variables were addressed in the beginning. I would never say this to Mrs. Smith or any of the family, what’s done is done, no reason for should’ves and would’ves. It’s like seeing a young boy reaching for a rattle snake but you’re tied to a chair with duct tape on your mouth. In the Smiths situation, what we call the Essential Four laboratory tests would’ve been utilized to uncover three indicators that Mr. Smiths body was wracked with inflammation and on the verge of a break down.

By looking at the core of Mr. Smiths cellular health we would’ve seen the red flags and stopped the processes that were running him directly into a life threatening condition.

The Problem At a Glance.

We now know that disease begins building in the body 15 -20 years before symptoms ever arise. There have been autopsies done on eight year olds after traumatic car wrecks showing arterial inflammation building in the artery at the early age of eight. When would it have been ideal for Mr. Smith to have the right preventative testing done? 62, 45, 30? The answer is right away. This is why we see those amazing little munchkins called kids at Designer Health Centers. There’s nothing more important than getting healthy together as a family.

This may be the most important thing you ever hear about disease: You don’t need a symptom to be sick. Can I prove it to you?

Lance Armstrong – Considered the fittest man on the planet for a time; surrounded by the most renowned experts in the world on advanced healing methods. Zero symptoms and a clean bill of health 3 months before the most staggering diagnoses of his life: Cancer.

Jim Fix – The man who popularized jogging. His friends claimed they would go out and Jim always got the salad and water while every one else drank there beer with chili fries. His running was stopped short at 42 years old from a sudden heart attack, two weeks after his complete diagnostic check up.

If I took the time I could give you 100’s of pages of people who had no symptoms, all the right testing and squeaky clean diets yet they went down the same road. You may even know someone who you thought was “healthy” and all of a sudden their health takes a turn for the worst. Have you ever asked yourself how does this happen?

Here are some HACK notes to speed up your understanding:

For the most part what’s the most prominent way that most of us grade the quality of our health? By how we what? How we FEEL right? If you feel good, you immediately say, “I’m healthy!” Let me ask you a really important question and please don’t feel inferior if you don’t know the answer. How does a person feel in the beginning stages of cancer, when the cells are hundreds strong instead of thousands or millions strong? They feel fine. Heart disease? Diabetes? Crohns disease? Alzheimer’s?

According to the most exhaustive concordance on disease in the world, the Merck Manual, there’s one common denominator among all diseases. They develop silently. You don’t feel a single thing until, most of the time, it’s too late.

Four things you can do right this moment to cheat early disease and dysfunction:

  1. Go To War: Sun Tzu had it right when he said, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. Why wait till stress, disease, inflammation and dysfunction creep in to do something about it? Act now. Make a strategic plan today on how you’re going to take one step a week in taking back your health. One rule I always emphasize is The Rule of 3. You must say no to bad lifestyle choices 3 times a day. Start small and work up to the difficult stuff.
  1. Get a Gut Check: Did you know the intestinal tract is called the second brain of the body? It’s that influential over your health. From reviewing the health of your gut we can learn about any pre-dispositions you may have without knowing to many life-threatening diseases. The composition of bacteria within your gut is essentially your guts fingerprint. Find out more about your gut microbiome in our article HERE. If the microbiome is full of parasites, fungus and bad bacteria, we know that your body doesn’t have long until it develops disease. This is why our stool analysis that we recommend is so comprehensive. We do an eleven page report on how much bacteria, fungus, and parasites are present. Bet you never thought your bowels could be so interesting? Get tested. The only way to know if the car is running right is to look under the hood.
  1. Poke People: Literal poking can get you one of two things, a date or a hospital visit. I recommend sticking to an application called Tenacity. What I’m talking about here is using accountability to meet your health goals by keeping you on track. Tenacity is a great app that allows you to poke people when they veer off of their goals and they can give it right back to you. Or find an accountability buddy and work on your goals together. Never isolate yourself when making big changes in your life. Doing this only gets you New Year’s Resolution results and nothing long term.
  1. Be A Super Hero (but know your weakness): The Man of Steel wasn’t completely indestructible. If you remember there was one small thing he couldn’t stand: Kryptonite. Look at heavy metals in your body like kryptonite. Once it touches your tissues and cells, game over. Heavy metals are now found in 75% of the world’s water supply, 65% of produce, 95% of medications and 55% of all common hygiene and bath products. Heavy metals create inflammation at a cellular level and wreak havoc on every single process in the body. A couple indicators of heavy metal toxicity: Low energy at all times of the day, skin issues (eczema, rashes, dryness, sight impairment, headaches, urinary tract infections and memory trouble with loss of focus. You need to make sure you know what your current heavy metal toxicity level is so that you can work on correcting this NOW. Before it causes further damage to your body.


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