Nitika Chopra: Inspiring Love and Setting Boundaries for Success

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On the podcast today is Nitika Chopra, a woman on a mission to inspire radical love. Host of Naturally Beautiful on Z Living, Nitika is also a luxury skincare spokesperson, QVC expert, and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. During our talk she shares with us her inspirational journey from being bedridden with a severe medical condition to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Along the way we also discuss:

  • The importance of gratefulness
  • How saying ‘no’ leads to more opportunities
  • First steps for becoming a powerful online presence like Nitika

Nitika suffered from severe psoriasis for 16 years and it left her bedridden for four years. She overcame the condition thanks to a holistic health approach that combined Western and Eastern medicine, spiritual growth, and a diet plan. Nitika’s experiences left her with a perspective on life that centers on gratefulness. She says,

”We’re not guaranteed anything in our life. Everything that I have I am so grateful for.”

Reaching and Maintaining High Performance

The path to high performance starts from within. Take your first step towards creating the career of your dreams by gaining clarity and asking yourself “Why am I here?”

After praying for clarity and focusing inwards, Nitika realized that she always wanted to connect people back to divine love. More specifically, she wanted to love people through the medium of television.

Recently divorced, without money, and without any credentials, Nitika used her belief in herself and belief in God to achieve her goals. She started her journey by founding online magazine and quickly established herself as a powerful online presence. Through a lot of hard work she now has her own television show, Naturally Beautiful, on Z Living.

Maintaining High Performance

It is normal to have worries in your day-to-day life, but dwelling on them is not conducive to high performance. Take a step back from your anxieties and connect with your center, and work on finding the joy in your life.

Nitika recommends listening to music that fits your desired mood to help you enter a flow state. She also achieves focus by meditating for 30 seconds about one thing she loves about herself.

Set Boundaries
Knowing what stage you are at in life and business is valuable. Set your boundaries and be prepared to say ‘no’ to a lot of people. Saying ‘no’ allows you to respect your own time and also enables the best opportunities to rise to the surface. To get your boundaries in check, make a list of the times throughout the day when you don’t listen to your boundaries or wish you had stronger boundaries. Then start tackling each item on the list one by one.

First Steps Towards Making an Impact Online

Make a list of the things you want to talk about and share with people, and let it marinate for a little while. Looking at the list, figure out which item you are most excited about - you should choose something that you feel you could talk about for hours and hours.

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Book - Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How To Say No

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