How To Increase Brain Power With These 10 Superfoods

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Want to increase your brain power to the next level so that you can be more productive, more creative, more focused and happier? In this article we are going to go through 10 of my favorite superfoods to try adding to your diet to skyrocket your brain power and firmly place days of brain fog into the past.

The Most Important Step on How To Increase Brainpower

Before you start incorporating some of these amazing superfoods to boost brainpower there is a vital step to help you first eliminate energy sapping brain fog. To start learning how to increase brainpower you first need to start removing foods that make you tired, irritable and cause brain fog. Try reducing (or ideally cutting out completely) foods:

  • With processed sugar, actually any refined sugar foods
  • Trans fats
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oils; and
  • Highly processed foods.

how to increase brain power

If you are used to eating high quantities of these foods then at first you may experience some symptoms of withdrawal (especially with sugar). However after a week of avoiding these foods I’m sure you will feel sharper as you work, more productive, have more energy, be more efficient and find that cravings start to reduce. The more “real foods” you eat including adding lots of healthy fats to your diet, the more you will have a steady release of energy throughout the day and will not feel as hungry as when you were eating the foods above.

So now that you have removed the brain fogging foods lets add in some brainpower boosting superfoods! The benefits of these superfoods are well known however there are limited amounts of scientific data to add to this article. They are all worth experimenting with and to find out if they work for you like they do with so many people, just try adding one of them into your diet.

How to Increase Brain Power with These Superfoods

1.  Maca

how to increase brain power


Maca powder is super easy to incorporate into your diet in smoothies or shakes and has some awesome potential health benefits. Maca is a root originally from the mountains of Peru where it has long been used in traditional diets. It’s high in vitamin B, C & E and has been known for increasing stamina and energy levels.

In fact some athletes take maca powder to help them reach peak performance. It can also help to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and mood swings all of which can use up your energy and leave you less focused and more tired. In some people it can also help to balance your hormones which will help with your energy levels.

Try some maca powder in your morning smoothie or early in the afternoon. Start with just a teaspoon at a time and see how it makes you feel.

2.  Spirulina

how to increase brain power

Spirulina, often purchased in powder form, is a type of blue green algae and is full of not only vitamins & antioxidants but also protein. In fact beef is 22% protein, lentils are 26% protein and spirulina is a whopping 65% protein! It has been shown to help support a health microbiome bacterial balance (see how important this is in No. 5 Fermented Foods). Having a healthy gut is really important for energy levels.

Spirulina is also a great detoxifier and immune system booster! You only need to start with a really small amount so try adding it to your smoothie in the morning. Add spirulina sparingly as it has a strong taste which can quickly change the taste of your smoothie.

3.  Cacao-Chocolate

how to increase brain power

Cacao is known for its awesome anti-inflammatory properties and can really help to improve your cognitive performance. Its super high in antioxidants and you can incorporate raw cacao powder into a smoothie or into a healthy raw dessert! If you’re reaching for chocolate to get your energy boost, try and go for a cacao content of at least 70% to really get the benefits.

These dark chocolate bars can take a bit to get used to. However after switching to dark chocolate most people find they cant then go back. Cacao is an awesome energy booster, so instead of reaching for another coffee try giving your brain a chocolate boost!

4.  Camu Camu Berries

how to increase brain power


Vitamin C is vital for your body and has many amazing health benefits such as boosting your immune system, helping your skin continue to glow and look younger and getting adequate vitamin C. It can also help you manage stress levels which will have a huge impact on your energy levels. Stress is exhausting! Being busy while being organized, productive and progressing towards your goals is great and can increase energy levels. Being stressed out or anxious on the other hand just drains your energy supply leaving little to be able to use on achieving your goals or spending time with loved ones.

Camu Camu is a Brazilian berry and has the highest vitamin C content of any food in the world. It grows in the Amazon jungle however you can purchase it from your health foods store in powder form which you can add to smoothies for a vitamin C boost!

5.  Fermented Foods

how to increase brain power

Eating fermented foods helps to balance out the bad bacteria in your gut with good bacteria and therefore helping to improve the health of your microbiome. Your microbiome is the complex ecosystem of microbes including 10 times more bacteria than you have human cells. These bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa that live on and in your body, including in your gut, can be referred to as your microbiome.

The health of your microbiome can have a massive effect on all aspects of your health including energy levels. For more information on fermented foods including a recipe you can try at home check out our article here and give them a go!!

6.  Chia Seeds

how to increase brain power

Chia seeds are an awesome source of energy that are is so easy to incorporate into your day. Rich in protein, fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorous & manganese, chia seeds are often used in endurance sports gels, chews and drinks due to their energy releasing properties. They are also high in Vitamin C and absorb about 10 times their weight in water, keeping you full for longer.

Try chia pudding by adding ¼ cup of chia seeds, 1 cup of a liquid such as almond milk or coconut milk, and some flavor such as cacao powder or berries and watch them absorb the liquid and turn into a gelatin like pudding.

7.  Goji Berries


Goji berries are awesome little berries full of antioxidants that can not only improve brain activity but also may improve digestion, boost your immune system and improve circulation. They may also cause increased brain activity & improved feeling of wellbeing, which is awesome for energy levels.

They are also super high in Vitamin C, which has a range of benefits for you (see No. 4 Camu Camu Berries above).

8.  Vanilla

Vanilla is such a great superfood, but I’m not talking about vanilla ice cream! Vanilla reduces inflammation, improves brain function and makes smoothies, hot drinks or desserts taste awesome!

Vanilla contains chemicals called vanilloids that are known to improve mental performance! It can also help digestion and relieve stress, both of which have the potential to sap energy levels.

The smell of vanilla can be beneficial as well as it is actually also an aromatic stimulant that can work to help calm you and reduce anxiety. Everyone likes the smell of vanilla right? Give it a go.

9.    Moringa Oleifera

Moringa is often purchased as a green powder has been long used in traditional cultures for its healing properties. It’s extremely nutrient dense and full of:

  • Vitamin C and vitamin A
  • Antioxidants;
  • Amino acids;
  • Calcium & magnesium;
  • More potassium than bananas and more iron than spinach
  • Fiber; and
  • A range of other nutrients such as iodine, zinc, selenium, zeatin & beta-carotene.

Give Moringa a try as an immune boosting tea in the morning instead of your usual coffee to give you an energy boost without the caffeine.

10. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an ancient herb used commonly in Ayurvedic healing. This super food has traditionally been used to help treat a range of conditions but can also be taken to help reduce the symptoms of stress, help you focus & concentrate and boost energy levels.

It has also been known to help boost the immune system, reduce anxiety & depression, stabilise blood sugar and help improve learning, memory & reaction time!! This is definitely something you may want to give a try!

Special Mention

Although these superfoods should totally be on your list to try there is one more energy boosting strategy I just had to share with you to make this article complete.

Drinking Water

how to increase brian power

Even mild dehydration can start to affect you mood, your energy levels and can start to make your body think that’s its hungry or cause cravings. Make sure you are drinking enough water to keep your energy levels super high. It’s such an easy strategy but one too many of us struggle with. Keep a bottle of water on your desk so you can sip on water throughout the day and watch your energy levels improve! It’s really worth giving it a go!

Action Steps to Maximising Brain Function Through a  1 Week Bio-Hacking Challenge:

Information is nothing without application. It’s the application of the information that creates transformation! So if you’re serious about maximizing brain function and energy levels so that you can get more done in less time and thrive, then follow these steps:
  • 1. Go to and order some of the superfoods mentioned above (I have no secondary gain here, other than transforming your life).
  • 2. For 7 days out ALL toxic and rancid fats (think roasted nuts, vegetable oil, canola oil and oils that were heavily processed or heated on high on the stovetop (unless it was coconut oil) and replace them with healthy fats (think avocados, chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw nuts, grass fed butter, grass fed ghee, tallow or lard from grass fed animals, bone broth soup, healthy free range meats and fresh water fish) - see grassland meat for many of the above products
  • 3. Cut out all carbs and sugars (think rice, wheat and other grains along with any processed sugar) and consume low sugar high fiber nutrients (think berries and vegetables).
Do these three things now and see your life transform infront of you.


Your brain is made up of 70% by weight of fat.


Write down your energy, weight and focus level at the beginning of the cleanse and then rate yourself at the end. If your energy has gone down… it’s most likely because your body is detoxing.


And we would love to hear about how you go so send us through an email or share your story in the comments below!

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