Best Nutrition Hacks For Eating Healthy On The Go (save up to 15 hours per week)

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Are you too busy to prepare any food on your own?

Do you rely on someone else to make you meals, but when they are out of town you find yourself waisting away to nothing keeled over in the corner of your office?

Or are you someone that just doesn’t like preparing their own meals?

Well, this article is for you!

My wife Erica Jones throws down some killer meals. She is extremely organized and plans all her meals ahead. She does research on what meals she wants to prepare and she’s constantly purchasing the latest health cookbook, making the recipes even healthier and then posting them on her website:

The reality is… not everyone is a “planning ahead, organization freak” like my wife. And not everyone draws inspiration and joy out of activities kitchen related.

She went to visit her parents and left me home alone for a week by myself and I literally starved for 3 days before eating anything. I did want to do a mini cleanse while she was gone, and was meaning to prepare something, but it just didn’t happen! I was a complete mess!

If you’re wired like I am with a schedule that if it looked like a human being, would have a muffin top, then we need  some tricky superhuman entrepreneur health strategies that will help you transform your health!

This is For You If You Like to Plan and Prepare Healthy Superhuman Meals

If you like shopping and making your own superhuman recipes, then check out my wife’s “favorite food websites” tab on her pinterest page by clicking here.

This is For You If You Want To Take The Planning And Shopping Out Of Meal Preparation But Still Enjoy Making Fresh Food

If you want to take the “thinking, shopping and planning” out of making delicious recipes, but you still want to make fresh food then the company Plated is the solution for you. They ship to 95% of the continental USA, and there  are similar companies like this in the UK as well as Australia and other industrialized nations.

Here’s how they work:

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 10.30.02 AM
I like this company because the food is “superhuman approved”.

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 10.31.14 AM

You can learn more about this company here:

If you have used plated, or a company like plated, please let us know what your experience was with them in the comments section below!

This Is For You If You Want Meals Made For You Ahead of Time And Ordered To Your House or Office

There are three different websites that would be ideal if you’re looking for a fully “done for you” service. I only pick Paleo websites because of the lack of inflammatory ingredients such as processed grains and added conventional sugars that you would get from other delivery services.


Eateatology specializes in paleo cuisine, with menus that highlight the favorites that people love to order as well as seasonal selections. I had an entrepreneur client of mine start to order from them and lose 20 pounds in a matter of 2 months.

You can learn more about this their services by clicking here.

Paleo On The Go

Another company that sources quality Paleo ingredients such as grass fed organic beef.

You can learn more about this company by clicking here.

Pre-Made Paleo

If anyone has ever done the “Whole 30” challenge before, that is very popular to do in January, then you will love this company. They strive to offer you the finest Whole30® approved meals, delivered right to your doorstep, nationwide. Like the others, they source the highest quality organics, grass-fed/grass-finished, free range/pastured ingredients and combine these with the very best chefs to deliver you delicious meals for happy and healthy eating.

Although there website looks janky, they seem to put together some quality meals. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

This Is For You If You Want Locally Sourced Pre-Made Meals To Pick-up

I’ve lived in some of the largest cities in North America and constantly travel to them to meet with the entrepreneurs and executives I work with around the world. In each city there are different companies that pre-make meals for you. Many of them also have a paleo fridge with fresh pre-made food.

One company that I use every so often is Christophe’s to Go. He was a former Ritz Carlton chef who’s systematized his meal making and put them into these stores across the metro Atlanta area. You can click here to see what they are up to, but to find someone similar to this company in your area simply ask Mr. Google the following, “Pre-made meals YOUR CITY” or “meals to go YOUR CITY” and he will hook you up with some you can checkout.

This Is For You If You Have A Wholefoods In Your Area

Wholefoods is great for the superhuman entrepreneur because it gives you a few options:

1. For Special Occasions - They pre-make Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas dinners and dozens of other occasions.

2. For Personal Shopping - Erica and I have done this dozens of times this year. She figures out what she wants to eat for the week, she creates a list of ingredients and then mails it over to her personal shopper. Within hours, assuming it isn’t peak shopping times, the order is complete and ready for pickup. In our Buckhead Wholefoods personal shopping is free! Call up your Wholefoods and see if this is the case for you as well.

3. Stop And Eat - Eating at Wholefoods on the go is usually much less expensive and healthier for you then eating out.

This Is For You If Your A Tech Geek And Want To Order Your Groceries The “UBER” For Groceries App

As far as I’m concerned, Instacart is the future of grocery shopping for entrepreneurs on the go. Why? Because you send in what you want and then it shows up at your doorstep whenever you want it! Dozens of grocery stores, including Wholefoods are a part of this Uber of food delivery!

I’m going to write in more depth about this in the future, but check out how cool it is by clicking here.

Entrepreneurs: You’ve Got No Excuse Now To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy Nutritionally!

You’ve truly got not excuse to get healthy and stay healthy on the go!

I’ve reviewed strategies that entrepreneurs and executives can utilize for whatever spectrum of complexity you are currently at when it comes to hacking your nutrition.

I hope this helps you transform your internal physiology to superhuman.

Remember, food is information. If you consume crappy food, your communicating toxic messages to your cells. When you consume healthy food, you communicate healthy messages and according to what epigenetics says, you will start to express healthier genes at the same time as you turn disease promoting genes off.

The decisions you make on a daily basis will determine your destiny.




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