How Cold Thermogenesis Helps Tony Robbins Kick Start His Day!

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Learn Tony Robbins #1 High Performance Hack To Start The Day (Yep we are talking about Cold Thermogenesis)

Platinum Partnership is Tony’s $65,000.00 a year mastermind that doesn’t include the expense of traveling, hotels and other costs. I work with dozens of platinum partners and former platinum partners through one-on-one consulting and my business partner in Asia was in the group for a few years.

One individual by the name of Raul Villacis who was in Platinum Partnership for a while asked Tony what the most important factor was to his success. Tony didn’t give a straight answer. Raul trying to clarify his response asked, “so what took you from where you were to where you are now is through developing the discipline of a solid morning routine?” Tony affirmed his answer and then broke down what he did each morning for Raul.

Raul went on to follow the morning routine, evolved that routine and has created incredible breakthroughs in his life and now the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs through his event called the Next Level Experience, where he helps you customize your own high performance rituals and routines.

To this day, this has been one of the most impactful and most powerful 3 day experiences I’ve ever been through as an entrepreneur. So what does Tony Robbins and Raul do? I’ll have to get Raul on my podcast, so stay tuned. In the meantime download this podcast with morning ritual expert Hal Elrod to listen to later. Without getting into all the details, below you will find Tony Robbins #1 morning ritual. Keep reading to learn how to practically apply it to your life.

How Tony Robbins Hacks His Morning To High Performance

What you do in the morning can really set you up for the whole day (click here to see why morning rituals are so important as well as how I start my day). So what does Tony Robbins, an extremely successful, energized high performer do to start his day?

Why he plunges into freezing water or uses one of the many cryogenic chambers he has in his properties around the world. Even just for a few minutes a day, Tony is a firm believer in the benefits of cold water immersion or cold thermogenesis to rest your nervous system, boost immunity and massively reduce inflammation in your body.

So what’s the science behind this and is this something that all high performers can use to get that next edge?

Cold Thermogenesis

The idea of cold thermogenesis is that regularly exposing the body to short bursts of natural stressors like the cold can create benefits such as an enhanced immune system, improve circulation, increase mental acuity, improve sexual performance among others as you will read below.

Ice has been used to treat local sources of inflammation such as from an injury and so now sporting teams and others such as Anthony Robbins are taking this idea to the next level with cold-water immersion, ice packs and jackets and cyrotherapy.

Walking outside in the cold, or exposing yourself to a cold shower can be beneficial, but not at the same level as cryotherapy or “cold therapy”.

What do we mean by Cold Therapy?

For the purpose of keeping it simple in this article when we talk about cold therapy we are talking about cold water immersion, wearing ice packs or ice jackets or using a cyrotherapy chamber. Although they are all a little different they have similar health and performance benefits.

Benefits of Cold Thermogenesis Such As Increase In Fat Burning & Energy Levels

If done the right way, frequent cold exposure can help:

  • Improve circulation
  • Improve digestion
  • Burn body fat and increases metabolic rate
  • Cut food cravings
  • With thyroid issues
  • Enhance immune function
  • Improve deep sleep quality
  • Reduce inflammation throughout your body

So how does being regularly exposed to the cold achieve these types of benefits? Lets go through the science behind some of these benefits.

  1. Improves Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Circulation

Cold therapy actually helps to stimulate blood flow, which can help to improve cardiovascular circulation. When you are exposed to cold water or other forms of extreme cold like in a cryogenic chamber the blood rushes to your vital organs and your heart starts to pump more efficiently to continue to carry oxygen and nutrients around your body.

It can also help your lymphatic system, which is different to your cardiovascular system in that your lymphatic fluid doesn’t have a pump like your heart. Muscle contractions, such as during exercise, instead move the fluid around your body. Cold therapy causes your lymph vessels to contract, which helps your lymphatic system pump fluids around your body, which flushes out toxins and waste.

  1. Weight Loss

Yep, cold therapy may be able to help you burn fat too but it does this by actually promoting another type of fat in your body called brown fat, which are fat cells produced to help keep your body warm. This type of fat actually burns through a high amount of calories because its job is keeping the body warm.

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2009, researchers found that the cold can promote brown fat and help to eliminate white fat which is the fat we are all familiar with on our stomach and thighs etc.

Cold therapy can also helps with boosting your metabolism and improving leptin sensitivity. I’m not saying the cold can make up for a bad diet or no exercise, but it may be a high performance strategy you want to look into a little more.

  1. Improves Mood

Taking a cold shower can actually make you feel better, reduce anxiety and a 2007 research study actually showed that cold showers could be used to help treat symptoms of depression. The reason for this is cold water actually triggers mood-enhancing neurotransmitters which make you feel good.

  1. Enhances Your Immune System

Although the common perception is that the cold can make you sick, using cold therapy can actually help to improve your immune system through the idea of hermetic stress. Hormetic stress is stress that makes you stronger much like lifting heavy weights. Lifting heavy weights injures your muscles a little but in response your body kicks into overdrive repairing the muscle to build them back stronger than before. The same applies to cold therapy as regular exposure to the point of adaptation keeps all your body’s defence systems primed and bumps up your immune response.

So What Techniques Can You Use To Get The Benefits of Cold Thermogenesis

There are a number of different techniques you can use to gain the benefits of the cold. Here are some you could look into a little further:

Cold Water Immersion – Think cold showers, icy plunge pools or jump into a cold lake or river (nothing too fast flowing).

Ice Baths – Ice baths can be tough to get used to but they are an effective technique for the brave.

Cryogensis Chambers – Just a few minutes each day in one of these is all you need, however if you’re lacking the extra cash for a chamber in each of your properties like Tony Robbins, there are actually centres popping up throughout the US and across the world where you can drop in and use their facilities to gain the benefits.

Ice jackets – Ice jackets can be worn as a more convenient alternative to an ice bath. Ben Greenfield can sometimes be caught wearing one as he is working on a podcast episode or blog post.

The Downsides

As with any bio hacking technique or strategy make sure you get qualified advice on whether this is right for you. Also don’t leave ice too long directly on your skin or you may end up with more inflammation rather than less. See David Asprey’s experience with falling asleep with ice packs on his skin HERE. You have been warned. One of my doctor friends turned his skin black and got frostbite by leaving a cryotherapy vest on too long.

You may ask, how could someone do that to their body? Well, the nerves become numb to the pain after a while and that’s when people forget they are wearing it, or in David Asprey’s case, falling asleep with it on and issues can arise.

Are you interested in learning how various biohacks and advanced functional health labs can benefit you? Click here if you want to apply for a high performance consultation with one of our specialists and we can review what high performance strategies would be best for your specific body and lifestyle.

So can everyone benefit?

Cold therapy may be challenging to get used to and it will take a while to condition your brain and body. But there is lots of science to back up the benefits and even starting with a cold shower here and there may start to make you feel healthier and happier. Again though everyone is different. So make sure you click HERE to speak to a high performance consultant to see what are the best strategies to take your performance to the next level!


Want to check out some more research on cold thermogenesis? My friend Ben Greenfield put together an awesome reference list of studies HERE.


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