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What if I told you that there is a potential within you waiting to be released that will multiply your impact, influence and income?

When you activate high performance, you’re capable of accomplishing superhuman feats! Superhuman is defined as an elevated state of personal excellence, execution, energy, focus and flow that will give you an unfair competitive advantage in life. To be superhuman, is to be living at your God-given peak potential.

Imagine a life with all-day-energy, with increased levels of peace and productivity, with a renewed body and mind…

Would you achieve your goals faster? Would you become more efficient? Would you enjoy life more? Would your life become more simplified?

This is what I’ve seen with the entrepreneurs and executives that I work with around the world.

It’s not difficult to see that most entrepreneurs and executives struggle with:

  • Lack of time
  • Increased stress
  • Deceased energy
  • Sub-optimal brain & body function
  • Lab findings often reveal silent disease formation
  • Lack of high performance strategies, tools & technologies
  • Lack of entrepreneurial and executive life & thought technologies

My new Superhuman Entrepreneur Podcast will give you access to the solutions around these problems.

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Personally, I know it’s possible for you to become superhuman.  How? Because as a high performance consultant, I see the executives and entrepreneurs I work with activate high performance all the time. I see them becoming more productive  But more importantly, I saw this transformation happen in my own life. I went from being in special needs labeled with ADHD and dyslexia, struggling to get by, to thriving and getting on the national deans list within 4 short years. It inspired me to become a high performance doctor to help others like the way I was helped. The doctorate program wasn’t enough. I invested over $150,000 above and beyond my doctorate program to go to advance high performance seminars, entrepreneur events and physician-only health programs. Through this process I continued to activated higher levels of performance in my life. I used these high performance solutions to help build three different 7-figure businesses. As an entrepreneur myself, I’m on mission to do the same for you! My vision for superhuman entrepreneur is to lead 10,000,000 entrepreneurs to activate high performance in their lives in the next 10 years! I do this through high performance seminars, high performance luxury retreats, SuperhumanEntrepreneur.com and NOW my new podcast!

Superhuman Entrepreneur Podcast Will Activate You To  A Higher State Of Being!

This isn’t going to be the average podcast. This podcast is exclusively for entrepreneurs and executives that want to multiply their impact, influence and income through activating high performance. This means that I’m only interviewing people that will give specific solutions and hacks to entrepreneurial and executive challenges:

        • Too busy to fit everything in - you want more time. 
      • Overwhelmed with quantity of responsibilities - you want more security, systemization and simplicity. 
      • Challenge balancing work and life - you want more holistic success. 
      • Lack the top health & energy hacks for high performance - you want easy solutions to maximize your body performance and prevent disease. 
      • Brain fog and challenges with remembering - you want to optimize focus and memory. 
      • Your not as confident as you could be - you want to look great and exude confidence! 
      • Financial and professional life controls you - you want more fulfilled relationships and spiritual growth. 

      I’ve hand selected some of the most advanced people in the world of high performance, entrepreneurism and business systems to uncover the BEST solutions for the above challenges. In my interviews, I will reveal the BEST high performance routines, habits, rituals and solutions to help you become superhuman! So far I’ve interviewed the some of the worlds top high performance, productivity, fitness, health and business leaders such as:

        • Ben Greenfield - NYX’s Best Selling Author and #1 Fitness Expert in America
      • David Asprey - NYX’s Best Selling Author and Top High Performance Expert
      • Ari Meisel - Worlds Leading Productivity & Automation Expert
      • Jesse Vander Veld - Europes #1 Superfood Expert
      • Mira & Jason Calton - Harvard Doctor and Performance Nutrition Expert
      • Jordan Gray - Top Entrepreneurial Relationship Strategist
      • Neil Moore - Multi-millionaire Serial Entrepreneur & Simplicity expert
      • Giovanni M. - Entrepreneur Systems Expert
      • And 15 others!

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However, I still need your help!

Who Do You Want To Hear From In Future Superhuman Entrepreneur Podcasts?

I’ve already had 178 responses to this survey. So for the people that have already filled this out, THANK YOU!

I read each submission and will reach out to the people that keep popping up on the list.

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As you know its my mission to lead 10,000,000 entrepreneurs to activate high performance in their lives in the next 10 years…

But I can’t do this alone. I need your help getting this message out there.

I’ll do my part in investing my time and resources giving you the best high performance education in the world, and if you could help me spread my message, that would be absolutely fabulous!


Thank you so much for your support!

Dr. Isaac H. Jones

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