Travis Dommert - Gives 5 Steps To Creating A Culture of High Performance Excellence

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Travis is the co-founder of a habit transformation app and president of a division of Jackson Healthcare which was just rated the #1 healthiest place & best place to work in Atlanta.

He shares with us the performance five that any leader can use to create high performance in their business, family and personal lives. We also talk about how top leaders and CEOs created a generation of income and more growth in their companies that was all related to personal habits outside of work.

We hear what the CPR Methodology is and how to implement it into your own life and your staff.

Be intentional in your work and personal life.


Work x Life = Results

Capacity x Production = Results

People do well focusing on habits and new behaviors for 2 - 4 weeks. When really you only start to see significant results after 3 - 6 months. In a study Travis and his team ran they found that in 8 weeks 80% of people have quit their new habits and in 12 weeks 3% of people are still performing at a high level which is defined as 90% consistency.

The environment is ESSENTIAL for someone to be consistent with their new behaviors.

5 Factors To Sustainable High Performance

  • Clarity - What to do and How to do it Right
  • Rhythm - Creating a Powerful Day (2-4 hours of intentional) vast majority of successful high performers start in the 5 o’clock hour and by noon 6/8 hours where you are responsive, really recharge at least ONE full day on the weekends. Good way is to plan out year in 12 weeks then take the 13th week off - always having a finish line nearby without burning yourself out (similar to a 90 day cycle)
  • Accountability - If you are clear about what you are doing and can others see it.
  • Reinforcement - Daily or Midweek Huddles are an easy way to not micromanage your employees.
  • Leadership - Provide Encouragement. As a leader if you have transparency in your workplace but not the trust of your staff you will only have fear.

Wire Deep Recovery Into YOUR Work Day @ least every three months for a couple of days.

Take High-Performance Assessment

Video 1: Introduction to CPR from irunurun on Vimeo.

Video 2: Deep Dive on Performance 5 from irunurun on Vimeo.

Video 3: Developing a Life-Changing Purpose from irunurun on Vimeo.

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