Ben Greenfield: New Fitness & Travel Bio-Hacks For Entrepreneurs

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Ben Greenfield is an expert at high performance. You probably know him from his amazing podcast and blog, specializing in fitness and exercise. He’s the perfect fit for the first episode of the Superhuman Entrepreneur show because he is known for his (literally) “superhuman” exercises and challenges.

We’re going to dive right in and talk about how exercise and the traditional workout mindset isn’t what the busy entrepreneur or executive should be in. Ben is going to share how he hacks his environment to help him “exercise” even when he’s not going to the gym in the traditional sense.


We’re also going to talk about cortisol levels. What I’ve seen in my research and what Ben has seen during his studies and what you can do about it. You’ll hear Ben use the term “ancestral” several times. Make sure to pay attention for what he means by this and how it should affect your nutrition.

Fermented foods - don’t like them? Well Ben talks about the importance they should have in your diet. (and what to do when you can’t find them) Also, Ben shares an awesome hack for massively increasing the effectiveness of probiotics. This is one you probably haven’t heard before.

“if you’ve been on even one dose of antibiotics you have wiped out hundreds of strands of healthy bacteria”


Finally and so appropriately we talk about some of Ben’s favorite sleep hacks.


#1 - Sleep hacks for home
No electronics in the bedroom (and what to do if you’re iphone is in the room)

Ben has an infrared light that he sits near before bed while journaling or reading.

How to use passionflower extract if you wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about work.


#2 - Sleep hacks for travel
Ben uses Melatonin when traveling for 1-3 days on arrival at his destinations (when jetlag might be an issue)

The blue light blocking glasses help when being exposed to fluorescent bulbs.


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